Friday, 5 October 2012

{Not} A Kodak Moment

It was Harvest Festival this morning and I decided to give the big lens an airing.
It was not successful.
This is one of the better shots.
See that woman in the pink/purple top?  Some random parent who decided to film her child at every possible moment and without any regard for all the other parents who were trying to see their children.  I was having some very unChristian thoughts, I can tell you.
For the record, The Boy Child sang a short duet this morning, as part of the song What Shall We Bring to the Harvest Table? and he was brilliant.


humel said...

Good for him :) How frustrating some parents can be - I've been trapped behind people who kept standing up to see better, meaning I couldn't see at all!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Despite the parent in the shot, the boys are all just precious, Ruth. I love seeing their little jackets. Is there anything more adorable than an English schoolboy? I think not!

I love that song, and I'm so happy that your DS was brilliant in his performance. He is as cute as can be. But you know I've always thought that. Love his smile.

Happy Fall to you...



Tammy said...

So frustrating when parents get that way. Glad you were able to get a cute shot anyway! :)

Kirsty.a said...

That's not a bad shot at all. It gives some context to the (very nicely in focus) Boy Child. Well done to him for singing

Susanmcl said...

He's very cute & engaging!

bronya said...

Ah beautiful ... pity we missed it - nice job on the solo singing!

Alison said...

Well done TBC...and there are always parents who forget about everyone else!
Alison xx