Monday, 15 October 2012

Photo a Day: 15th October

~ dog walking kit ~
This is me at 11am this morning:
My padded jacket is from Joules.  It's incredibly thin but must be thermal lined because it's very warm.  I can wear it right through the winter.  I also have this jacket in chocolate brown.
My scarf is the known as the Marrakech Muffler, a gift from my SiL.  Just yesterday she asked me if I only ever wore it when I went to her house.  She couldn't be more wrong; I wear it all the time and always receive lovely comments about it.
My jeans are from Monsoon and the colour makes me think of Deb and Carrie.
My wellies are from Le Chameau and are 12 years years old.  They are just beginning to spring a leak, so there will be a request for new wellies on my Santa list.
Nano iPod for company; from Adele to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and everything in between.
Mobile phone, in case The Boy Child's school needs to get hold of me.
As we move in to winter, I will add thermal socks, gloves and a hat to my dog walking attire. 


Sian said...

Looking good! I have a new-ish HJoules catalogue on the table in front of me. I could really do with a new jacket :)

Ladkyis said...

Looking very good! I am so glad we don't have any pets - well I suppose the chickens are pets but they don't require taking for a walk just the occasional foray into the alley at the back is enough to traumatise them for weeks

humel said...

It looks very comfortable and cosy :)

Tammy said...

You look warm and comfortable! :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Ruth, you are looking mighty snazzy! I like the whole look, and I envy you your wellies. I really need a good solid pair to weat in Florida. The ones I have are more decorative than functional. Your scarf is neat as are your jacket and pants.



debs14 said...

Very stylish for dog walking!
Now that Coco is a permanent fixture in our home, I think a pair of wellies has to be on my shopping list. I've discovered that I have no footwear which is completely waterproof!

alexa said...

That's a very smart look! Can't quite see the muffler, but it sounds exotic and very colourful. Hope the rian holds off on accunt of that footwear!

Missus Wookie said...

Looking good, I like the jacket! I tend for walking boots not wellies but keep thinking a pair might be sensible for in the woods.

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