Monday, 19 November 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to donating two large bin bags of old and out-grown clothes to school's Blue Bag day.  The PTA is paid for every kilo donated.
Hello to donating two carrier bags of bric-a-brac to the first charity shop I see. Project De-clutter is on a roll.
Hello to meeting someone I know slightly for coffee.  She thinks that one of her twin sons might be Autistic and wants to have a chat.  I think she's right and needs to demand a second opinion.
Hello to chasing up The Boy Child's Statement of Educational Needs.  I think we're in the home straight with it and am anxious for the help to be put in place as soon as possible.  It is no exaggeration to say that the whole process of Statementing has been the most demoralising process I have ever experienced.
Hello to a routine doctor's appointment.  Something I should have arranged about six weeks ago.  I forgot.
Hello to completing my foundation pages for December Daily.  I treated myself to the kit from Studio Calico and it has arrived.  Just 10 days in transit and no VAT to pay.
Hello to thinking seriously about Christmas. Present buying. Food planning. Inviting people.  New Year plans.
Hello to The Brainy One being away at the weekend.  With the car.
Hello to The Boy Child attending a birthday party on Saturday. Another mum has kindly offered to give us a lift to the venue (too far to walk, no tube station and not on a direct bus route).  I don't like the venue and had been hoping for the prefect excuse not to go.

How's your week shaping up?


Liz said...

I hope you and your friend get things sorted for your little people.
I think I should de-clutter too. Most of it just gets shoved up in the attic!! xx

alexa said...

You sound as if you are raring to do with the planning and decluttering! I am sure your friend will find your experience and help very valuable.

Ladkyis said...

Sometimes I think that the "ones who appear in charge" of this business of Statementing sometimes forget that the people they are dealing with are real. They are so used to the words they use and the prhases they throw about that they no longer hear themselves. They always seem to be in a hurry too.
TBC is going to be fine with you to fend off impatient officials, and you have TBO to wrap around you when the going gets tough.
When it gets really tough you know we are here with cyber hugs and cyber tissues. We are in it for the duration girl, and we'll help all we can

humel said...

We do the Blue Bag thing too - The Boy brought one home last week for us to fill :) Well done you on Project Declutter!

And all the very best with getting that Statement sorted xx

Missus Wookie said...

I empathise with the statemented bit - but remember it is worth it. We didn't bother as Ewok was at home and I do regret that now to an extent - it confuses those with the tick boxes that he just doesn't fit.

Yeah for decluttering and treating yourself to the December Daily kit - it did look lovely.

Sian said...

So far it's shaping up to everyone feeling a bit dodgy..let's hope that disappears quickly and we can get on with the rest of November.

I've had a bag of charity stuff sitting here since the summer. That's not good, is it?

Kirsty.a said...

Have a good week

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

What a great feeling it is to get rid of things no longer needed! How lovely that you could provide some insight to someone who is "slightly" a friend. This may bring you both closer to a true friendship. :o)

Alison said...

Hope you can help your 'slightly' friend..and that your 'statementing' trials are soon over and you see the outcome you are hoping for...and we'll done on the declutttering!
Alison xx

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