Sunday, 11 November 2012

Photo a Day: 11th November | Splat

Imagine the scene:
Just after 10 am, the sun is shining.
I am on the Common with The Boy Child, who is on his bike, and the pooch.
We are playing London Olympics Men's Road Race and TBC is Bradley Wiggins.
TBC wins the bike race, naturally, and he receives a gold medal.
He then stands for the National Anthem, which he heartily sings along to.
We head home.
I feel the top of my head.  Nothing there but my hair.
A quick scan over The Boy Child.  Nothing on him, either.
Phew, a close call.
We get home and as I look down to open the gate, I shriek in horror and disgust.
Look away now, if you're the squeamish sort.
That splat sound was the deposit from an airborne pigeon.
With a bullseye on my camera ...    
"Never mind", says The Brainy One, once he's stopped laughing, "It's supposed to be lucky".
I think people only say that to make you feel better about being cr*pped on.


furrypig said...

I am so sorry but I was with the brainy one and had a wee laugh!! Sweet story re role playing the Olympics hope the camera has recovered!

Amy said...

Ewwww, hope it cleaned up okay?

Love the role play - so pleased he won!

Ladkyis said...

Pheeeew! stinky! I love the idea of the olympics re-enactment.

humel said...

Oh no!! Poor camera :( Is it OK?

Margaret Jackson said...

Hard to believe that the wretched bird could be so accurate!
No damage I hope?
Love the photos of TBC.

Alison said...

YUK!....glad you had already taken the fab pics!
Alison xx

Alison said...

YUK!....glad you had already taken the fab pics!
Alison xx

Sian said...

On your camera, oh no! Bet it took some cleaning ..

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