Friday, 7 December 2012

December Daily: Days 1 to 7

As you know, I wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit earlier this week, but I am now. All thanks to a week of December Daily under my belt, the majority of cards written, the majority of presents bought and wrapped, invitations sent for pre-Christmas drinks and nibbles and a new Michael Buble does Christmas CD.
Day 1: a trip out with my SiL to see Santa arrive in a helicopter.  Super cool.
 Day 2: rediscovering the delights of the Christmas basket.
 Day 3: visiting the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A.  It didn't quite go to plan.
 Day 4: making a start on writing the Christmas cards.  I pretty much copied my blog post for this one.
Day 5: catching the final air mail posting date for stuff to Australia.
In the album, day 5 actually looks like this:
First, there's an acetate sheet, then there's a decorated chipboard page, which has a pocket.  In it, I placed the flyer from the Post Office about mailing dates.  On the reverse of the chipboard sheet is a photo of our Christmas basket and Elvis the Elf.  I printed the photo in 7x5 and trimmed to size.
Day 6: a pick and mix kind of day.  The Brainy One went on on his annual jaunt to Twickenham for the Varsity match.  Lunch, Secret Santa, drinks and an Oxford win, 26-19.  I met up with my Tuesday afternoon pal and went to see Bronze at the Royal Academy. I may reprint the photo, swapping the shot of the Royal Academy's exterior for one of my favourite bronze piece, a wine vessel in the shape of an elephant from 1100-1050 BC.
Day 7: the arrival of the Christmas alcohol. See all that washi tape and button?  That's because I cocked up putting a title on the photo. Covering up a mistake becomes a design feature.  
And there's the first seven days of December done and dusted, with loads of good stuff to look forward over the next seven days.


Kirsty.a said...

Sounds busy, but productive. My kind of week

Alison said...

Great start to your journal not sure I'll ever get started!!
Alison xx

ClaireM said...

Love the look of your pages. A very busy 1st week by the sounds of things.

Carrie Rosalind said...

Looks awesome so far! I am doing something similar and just including 4x6" pictures each day and a bit of journaling. Your photos from the week are so great!! I am going to try to photograph my album this weekend and share it soon.

Amy said...

Very, very well done Ruth - I am yet to put pen to paper this December ... as far as a JYC/DD is concerned!

Jodie said...

This looks great Ruth! Love the size you are using and all of the journalling you are including!

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