Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Paper and Glue

I've rather surprised myself recently in that I've actually made something involving paper and glue.
First up was a mini book for The Boy Child's Godfather's birthday.  I used six sheets of packaging and cut them up in to different widths.  I did that by eye, rather than by measurement.
I used Echo Park's Little Boy range.  I think it's one of the best range of boy papers I've come across.
 I made sure there were enough pages for twelve photos, one from each month last year.
 I dusted off my Bind-It-All to join the pages together.
  And as you can see, I'm out of practice using it.
I was pleased with the end result and, most importantly, the recipient was delighted with it.
As previously stated last month, when The Boy Child was chosen as Star of the Week at school, he was asked to bring the school's bear home for the holidays.
And I was asked if putting a few photos in a scrapbook was something I could do.
The Brainy One commented that the parents of future Stars of the Week would not be pleased to see my pages.
Now for a scrapbook page or six.


Tammy said...

Wow! That's really awesome, Ruth! Great job. :)

Smcl said...

Very nice mini book!

Sian said...

Brilliant! I'm thoroughly hopeless at using my BIA and always call in help. Someone who likes lining things up and is good at counting :)

Liz said...

It's lovely and I'm pleased to hear it was appreciated. Did TBC's teacher like your Paddy Bear pages?

debs14 said...

Can you imagine what the parents of the next bear adopter are going to feel when they see your fantastic pages?! You may have to become the official bear scrapbooker!

Beverly said...

The mini book is wonderful, I love those papers.

Alison said...

No wonder the Godfather was p,eased...you made a great job of it!....and I think TBO is right about the future SOTW parents!!
Alison xx

Lorraine said...

Did it bring back memories Ruth?

Kirsty.a said...

The book looks fab. I was an over-acgieving parent too when I sent M back in with her class mascot and 3 handwritten pages to accompany the photos. Apparently "no-one else wrote anything" This is Year 1 BTW

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