Thursday, 17 January 2013

Telling Tales

The divine Miss Smith of Curiouser and Curiouser blog is hosting a new class later this month called Telling Tales, with all proceeds going to her Guiding Fund to finance a trip to Cambodia later this year.
Her class from last year, Just One Sketch, was superb and she is always generous in sharing what she knows.  Her most recent share features make-your-own journaling cards.
And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I too could produce decent looking journaling cards.
I'd love to meet Kirsty in person and chat over a pot of tea and cake.  Her personality really shines through on her blog.  And having said that, I can't help but think that she is ever so slightly bonkers.
In a Helena Bonham Carter bonkers kind of way.
Bonkerstastic, if you will.
And that's meant as a compliment.


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

:o) I love your tags, and also the term "bonkerstastic."

alexa said...

Now that's a great word! Your tags are indeed just lovely - nicely school-ish :).

Miss Smith said...

Your cards are beautful - it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to think that someone used the idea (and it worked!)

And I've never been compared to Helena Bonham-Carter before.

I LOVE it. Bonkerstastic :D

Kirsty.a said...

I pinned this tutorial as well. Your cards look great

furrypig said...

such a shame you aren't coming to the bloggers weekend Ruth then you could have met up and we could all meet you! I also have to agree that I think Ms Smith is kinda bonkers especially after reading her blog post today lol!

Lynn said...

Love those journal cards - I'm hoping to have a go on the weekend. Great word - just right for Miss Smith

Missus Wookie said...

Bonkertastic huh? Nice word - TBC should take it to school you could start a new trend. Nice journaling cards - I'll go off to look at the class.

I also agree it is a shame you aren't able to join us at the bloggers weekend. Perhaps we can actually meet up in London before you head north?

Sian said...

They're lovely!

I remember Miss Smith's blog hop and I said then to her that she liked "a Bit of Quirk". Yes, she said. Yes, I do :)

Beverly said...

lol love it! I am thinking if "bonkertastic" was in a visual dictionary HBC's photo would be perfect :) The journaling cards are great. The class sounds tempting but I have sworn off buying any until i catch up.

Liz said...

They look great. I think I might sign up for the class as I need a a bit of a boost to get me scrapping again. Plus it will give me something to do whilst your BIL is watching rubbish on TV!!!

Alison said...

I have signed up ffor the class and have made a journaling card for the layout I actually managed to get done this week...I'm going to make more!
Alison xx