Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to The Boy Child going back to school for his final half-term of Year One.
Hello to a mountain of laundry.
Hello to working out the logistics for overhauling the spare bedroom, now that I've given the double bed to The Boy Child.
Hello to The Boy Child visiting London Zoo with his classmates on Thursday.
Hello to visiting the dentist and dental hygienist; follow on appointments.  Always best to get them out of the way.
Hello to taking the pooch back to the vet for a course of injections.
Hello to finding time for scrapbooking.

How does your week look?


Alison said...

Final half-term eh?! Who can believe it?

Abi said...

Oh he's such a sweetie! I can't believe the academic year is nearly over!

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