Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to taking The Boy Child to Granny's.  By train.
Hello to a fair few miles under my belt this week.  Dropping him off, coming home, going back to collect him and coming home again.
Hello overdue haircut.
~ helicopter ride over Disney's Animal Kingdom ~
Hello pedicure.  A wee bit of pampering me-time.
Hello to lunch with my SiL & BiL at a lovely restaurant out in the country.  It's easily accessible from our bit of West London by train, so here's to no driving and a few glasses of wine at lunch-time.
Hello to saying a final goodbye to our American friends, as they leave at the weekend.
Hello to feeling very strange this week.

How does your week look?


Missus Wookie said...

Bet the ride was great fun - what a cute photo of you two.

Jo.C said...

Wow - jealous of the helicopter ride and BC looks so excited about it! Enjoy your me time x

Abi said...

Oh that helicopter ride looks ace. Hope you have a good week.

Amy said...

My week is far less hectic than last week but ends with a stint of solo parenting when TE heads off to NZ to ski!

alexa said...

Hopefully it's also Hello to a Happy Bit of Me Time. Wine and friends and a bit of pampering? Way to go!

Beverly said...

I always loved when my boys were having the joy of being with the Grands and I could have "me" time and not feel guilty, I know you both will have a lovely week :)

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