Friday, 9 August 2013

Holidays and Holiday Scrapbooks

The lovely Alexa asked me what my process was for creating a holiday scrapbook.
Do I actually have a process that I could share?
The answer is yes.
For me, it's all about preparation.
I began by purchasing a notebook from Paperchase.  The sort with pockets and plastic photo inserts.  Then I chose the paper I would use.  I bought everything twice, as I sent a parcel to my sister and set her a challenge.
I cut various sizes of paper in to strips, using the deckle edge on my cutter and inked them.  I also punched out lots of small circles and inked them as well.
For the holiday, I took the book apart and then used book rings.  In hindsight, I should have added the title and button once I was home.  The button kept falling off and somewhere on a 747 Jumbo called English Rose is a letter 'O'.
I packed up a very basic scrapbookers kit.  Two pairs of scissors, because the smaller pair (with the orange organza on the handle) is for cutting paper that hasn't been anywhere near glue.
The opening few pages were filled with notes to myself on how to help The Boy Child cope at the airport (I needn't have worried, he was fantastic), the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt list, some fun travel pages (purchased from Ali Edwards) and a clipping from the newspaper about the size of Florida's mosquitoes.   
In regard to photo placement, I marked a space, if I remembered, and pencilled in what would go there.  In this case, it's a half-size photo of the Jumbo that we travelled out to Orlando on.
 Flyers from the parks were added, along with car park tickets.
 Tags from t-shirts were also put to good use.
Obviously, the majority of the photos were added once I got home, but in the case of the Rock and Roller Coaster ride, we purchased the photo.  The pack contained one 7x5 print and four smaller prints and I just cut out one the smaller prints to stick it in my scrapbook.
And that is pretty much my process.  Nothing fancy or complicated, but it works for me. Both my sister and I did our best each day to write up what had happened and to compare notes, as we didn't always go everywhere together.  Having the journal part up-to-date is ideal for when you need a reference point for telling the story on a layout.

How about you?  Do you keep a travel journal?  Is it a mini scrapbook or do you keep your notes electronically?  I'd love to know.


Ladkyis said...

I have taken up your challenge

No pictures but I simply had to write it down

Wrightboysmum said...

Love the album. I'll bear it in mind for the next trip.

Liz said...

Mine is pretty much finished. I'm just writing the trip home and have to sort out fliers, tickets etc and it's done. xx

Jo.C said...

It looks brilliant. I tried to do it with a smash book but only got the first few days done as I was trying to do too much. That will give you lots of memories to scrap.

Amy said...

This looks sensational Ruth - once I made a real paper journal which was based on something Shimelle did three or four years ago - it was way off my usual style but I enjoyed the process a great deal.

Usually I take copious amounts of photos and jot a few notes down each day and put it together digitally once I am home.

alexa said...

Thank you so much Ruth for sharing it with us and this is very inspiring - you answered all the questions I had in my head so that is pretty amazing too! I love how you made time for so much journalling, and added in all those extra little bits - I always bring them home but then never quite get round to doing something with them. I am trying to find a process which will work for me on a daily basis, and you have given me lots of food for thought. Thank-you! LOL about the letter 'O'!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh this is lovely, I can keep the Passorter up for journaling and bits and then put it together at home. The couple of times I've tried to do a travel scrapbook like this it gets mussed and I get miffed. Very impressed with your organisation!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I loved having a look at your travel journal, Ruth. As you know, I did keep a travel journal when Carrie and I traveled to England this year. I do regret not leaving spaces for photos, but I did manage to save ticket stubs and receipts to add to the mix.

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