Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Most Excellent Day

We went west of London today to see old friends.
Unfortunately one of them had been called in to work.
But he had a surprise for us.
Pretty cool job, wouldn't you say?
It was awesome!
But not everyone thought so.
The noise of four aircraft engines (Allison T56 TurboProps, if you want the technicalities) at only a few hundred feet overhead proved too much.
The thought of books and cakes helped to cheer him up.
 I wanted to turn the bunting the right way round; did you notice?
One reminder and one lesson today:
Old friends are the best.
I'm never going to be not caught out by the sneakiness of Autism.


Karen said...

Love this post and what a fabulous tea shop. I think that autism will always catch you out with its unpredictability but I also think that that is one of the pleasures of autistic children - they dance the the beat of their own drum and that beat changes on a daily and even hourly basis. I know you are doing a fantastic job working with TBC autism, as almost all his photos on your blog show such a happy little boy.

Ladkyis said...

OH brave little boy for not just dissolving into an inconsolable soggy mess for the rest of the day! I would have hated the noise and probably cried with fear. My eldest son used to become hysterical at the sound of power tools, so don't chalk all of the reaction up to autism, let him have sensitive ears.

Sandie said...

It is great you can turn a negative into a positive Ruth and not allow TBC difficulties to overwhelm. My daughter has ear defenders and if you know you are going somewhere noisy it is great to be prepared. Of course - surprises are just that, and we all get caught out, but it sounds like you made the most of your wonderful day and what a thoughtful friend.

alexa said...

Unexpected noises set off my flight or flight mechanism so it could just have been that? You clearly rescued the day for him - books and cakes are just the best ...

Becky said...

Penny also,has ear defenders and takes them to anything that might be noisy. - she wore them to our local firework display last year and for the first time really enjoyed it and didn't cower! Glad you were able to turn things round :-)

Missus Wookie said...

Wookie would have loved that - but he loves the C130 Hercules. Oh dear he's off into RAF stuff again...

I'm impressed that TBC recovered so well, those planes are loud.

Sian said...

TTO always called a noise like that "too surprise-y" Sympathy to everyone concerned from me