Monday, 23 September 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Dance class.  A new dance to learn every class.  Hard work, but such good fun.
Hello to making an appointment to meet with The Boy Child's teacher.  As well as the curriculum and homework, I want to discuss how he will accommodate The Boy Child's Autism when he (TBC) is not supported.  I also have questions and suggestions regarding his (the teacher) input on the Statement Review.
Hello to making routine appointments: doctor for me and dentist for The Boy Child.
Hello to exploring Little Venice with a few other school mums on Wednesday.  Little Venice is not a part of London I know at all.
~ Hippy chicks; Blackpool, late 1970s ~ 
Hello to wishing my sister a happy birthday.
Hello to Thursday afternoon swimming at school.  I told a few kids off last week; I should clarify my position.  Am I The Boy Child's Mum or a member of staff?
Hello to attending a coffee morning in aid of MacMillan Nurses.  There will be cake.  Lots of cake.
Hello to messing about on the river on Saturday.  Worthy of its own blog post.

How does your week look?


Sian said...

Best of luck with that appointment :)

I'm sure I had a pair of checked trousers just like that in the 70's..

Alison said...

Good luck with that teacher appt...enjoy the dancing...mine starts back tomorrow might!
Alison xx

Ladkyis said...

I too will be messing about on a river on Saturday! I am going on the Matthew!!! squeeeeee!!!
Me? excited? never!

Liz said...

Hope all goes well with TBC's teacher. Cracking photo :0)

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