Monday, 9 September 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Week in the Life.
Hello busy week.
Hello to trying out a new dance class at the gym with my friend.
Hello to speaking with a retired educational professional about Statements of Educational Needs and their Review process.  The lady is an old friend of my SiL and has offered to help us with advice and support.
Hello to having my annual contact lens check.
~ The Boy Child examining street art in Kensington ~
Hello to The Boy Child's first LAMDA class.
Hello to my quarterly visit to the dental hygienist.  A necessary evil.
Hello to The Boy Child beginning Street Dance after school club (that's if he's been allocated a place).
Hello to Meet and Greet with the new Headmaster at school.
Hello to donating my 25th pint of blood.  Apparently, I will receive a silver badge.
Hello to Saturday adventures with The Boy Child.  The Brainy One is away for the day.
Hello to planning to make it to Family Swim at the gym.
Hello to seeing Justin and The Knights of Valour with The Boy Child.

How does your week look?


Kirsty.A said...

Have a good week - well done for the silver donation badge.

Amy said...

Examining looks to be the correct adjective!

Sian said...

My week looks boy to find useful jobs for, but on the plus side, not so much washing..

Contact lens checks always make me feel very vulnerable..the terrible state of my vision laid cheering you on with that

Alison said...

A busy week ahead for you, the pic!
Alison xx

Abi said...

Well done on your badge. my mum is a big blood donor too. How did the LAMDA lesson go?
My week is looking oddly empty but quite a few jobs to keep me busy as well as learning some new recipes.

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