Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week in the Life: Saturday in Review

~ good morning ~
 ~ getting ready ~
 ~ cafe in the park ~ 
 ~ The Brainy One leaving for an afternoon/evening function ~
 ~ time out for both of us ~
 ~ meeting his swimming teacher after Family Swim ~
 ~ supper at Carluccio's ~
 ~ me: ironing | him: watching Dad's Army ~
 ~ quiet time before bed ~
~ cuppa, Jelly Babies and an episode of The Sopranos ~
 ~ final check ~
 ~ good night ~
So.  A small give-away each day of Week in the Life, I think.
A random selection of randomly selected Project Life journalling cards in both 6x4 and 3x4 formats. Perfectly suitable/adaptable for non-Project Life creating, too.  
If you would like to enter the draw for these, please leave a comment and send me an email with Saturday Give-Away in the subject line to:  roo1968ATyahooDOTcoDOTuk.
Give-away open all week.
Give-away may differ slightly from items shown.


Missus Wookie said...

Wookie has and loves his 'just what part of .... rocket science' t-shirt. Fun to see it on TBC.

alexa said...

Looks like a lovely day of nice things to eat without having to cook! I am very partial to a Jelly Baby too .

Mel said...

Looks like a fun chilled day!

debs14 said...

Just look at the way he is lying on that sofa, he is such a cutie!
You certainly pack a lot into your days!

Sian said...

That looks like a day filled with lots of good things. funny how Dad's Army is still so popular: they love it here too, even though they are watching it with totally different eyes all these years later

Becky said...

Live the photo of TBC reading he looks so involved in his book. Love it that he likes Dad's Army too. I remember watching it with my Grandad when I was little and Ben lived it too.

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