Thursday, 31 October 2013


"Mummy, this is my scary face!"
He has spent the afternoon on the sofa after throwing up over himself and the back of the car just after lunch. No trick or treat sweets for him.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mirror, Mirror

Caught in the act of amusing himself.
Trying to wait patiently for Mummy to finish having her eyebrows done.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi.  C'mon in out of the wind.  Did you just hear me put the kettle on?
You'll have to excuse us, The Boy Child and me, as we are having a quiet day.
Well, I say quiet, but in reality...
We have walked the dog in the park for an hour and checked out the storm damage.
We've been and done a big supermarket shop and then back to a smaller supermarket for the things I forgot first time around.
We've done 5 pages of homework.
The noise you can hear is The Boy Child watching Up.  It's his reward for a good day.
Mind you don't trip over the mountain of ironing.
How have things been with you?  Are you managing to avoid the worst of this weather?
Tell me how you've been while I boil the kettle again.
Fancy a piece of Baklava with your cuppa?

This post has been brought to you in association with Abi's invitation to share a cup of tea.

Hello Monday

Hello stormy weather.
Hello to week two of half-term.  You can see how week one went and plans for this week here.
~ The Boy Child with Laddie ~
Hello to catching up on blog reading.  I don't feel as though I've dropped by nearly enough of late.
Hello to thinking about scrapbooking ~ layouts, Project Life and December Daily.   

How does your week look?

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Half Term: Week One: Photo Heavy

Not everything went according to plan, but it was still a great week.
There was time with my mum and sister ~ the three of us together.
 There were two daughters and two grandsons under mum's roof for a few days.
 There were trips to museums ...
 ... in a city with a rich and diverse history.
 There was homework on a train.
There were beautiful steam trains, A4 pacific class.  And me subsequently learning that Mallard's driver was the great-uncle of a former boyfriend of mine.
 There were glorious Autumnal days.
 There was an impromptu recital of a Harvest poem.
 There was breakfast in an hotel.
 There was walking the city walls in the rain.
And as we head in to week two, I'm hoping to slow the pace down.
There will be walks in the park with the pooch.
There will be the dreaded homework to finish.
There will be a visit to the Tower of London and maybe another back to the London Transport Museum.
There will be a visit to Holiday Gym Club for The Boy Child so that I can go to Dance class.
There will be a huge storm to sit out.
There will be thinking about Christmas and writing a letter to Santa.

How have you filled your half term, if you have one?

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Great Gathering

So here we are.
In York.
For the Great Gathering of all surviving A4 Pacific class engines.
Turns out, we're a day early.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


 ~ mum with my nephew ~
 ~ cousins ~
~ nephew photo-bombing my sister.  The Boy Child is taking the photo ~ 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Hello Monday

Hello week one of half-term.
Hello to the dreaded holiday homework.  The Boy Child achieved free reader status last Thursday.  Well done, The Boy Child!
Hello to The Boy Child's annual appointment at the dentist.  He lost another tooth on Sunday afternoon, making a total of 7 teeth lost this year.
Hello to travelling by train to visit Granny.
Hello to seeing my sister and nephew, who also happen to be staying with Granny. Yay!
Hello to travelling to York on Friday for the Great Gathering.
Hello to a less exciting visit to York than last time.
Hello to returning to London at the weekend.
Hello to then making plans for week two of half-term.
How does your week look?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Scrapbook Saturday

It's free sketch week again over at Scrapbook Generation and I've based three layouts on its design this week.  Only one is pretty faithful to the sketch.
A page for the Boy Child's album about last term's Speech Day and receiving an award for outstanding progress.  All patterned paper is from project Life's Honey edition.  Gotta love that paper with the cameras on. I like the look of the stitched circles about a couple of stars, too.  
Another page for The Boy Child's album.  Somehow I missed recording his birthday this year.
I used the sketch in a mirror image for a double-page spread for our 2013 album about what happened when The Boy Child went to stay with Granny on his own during the summer holidays.
What have you been creating this week?

Friday, 18 October 2013

One Photo | Twenty Words

Random selection.
Arizona to London,
via the mighty amazon.
Nothing to do with scrapbooking.
Becky Higgins' 4th Birthday RAKs.

**post inspired by the lovely Abi from Creating Paper Dreams**

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Simply a Moment

The gentleman on the other end of the telephone is charm personified.  "Are you a Rewards card holder, madam?  It's like a Tesco Clubcard.  It's not a credit card.  You need to be a holder in order to visit the Grotto.  I can put you through to Rewards after you've spoken to the Grotto; it wouldn't be a problem."
~ seen in West London today ~
I'm just about to reply when the front door bell rings.  I quickly ask the chap on the other end of the line to hold and head to the front door, where I am met by a previously sleeping pooch.
On the other side of the door is the man from DHL, with my order from Studio Calico ~ the December Daily kit.
As I close the door, the chap at Harrods has transferred my call to the Grotto and I hear a recorded message informing me that all spaces in December for Santa's Grotto have been filled.
Ah, well.  It was worth a try. 

Wednesday, 16 October, 3 pm. 

**This post is brought to you in association with Alexa's monthly Simply a Moment.**

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Take the Tour: The Boy Child's Office

The Boy Child has announced that he wants an office.
"Not a playroom, Mummy, an office.  Like you and Daddy."
The biggest snag is that he doesn't have a proper office chair.  Or a desk.  He has outgrown the child seats he had.  He is making do with a dining chair, borrowed from the kitchen table.
See the teddy on the sofa?  The Boy Child won him for correctly guessing the sex and name of the new Royal baby.  Hence the teddy is now called George.
Nothing has been stuck directly on to the freshly painted walls.
The bookcase from his bedroom is now next to the original playroom office one.
The bookcases have been culled of their now-too-young-for-The Boy-Child collection.  In are Roald Dahl and more reference books.  There's still room for our favourite picture-books-with-decent-text.
There's a portable chalkboard for weekly spellings on one side and times tables on the other.
There's also room for his DVD collection and his collection of scrapbooks and mini-books.
There are a few cute prints/framed posters on the walls and a dragonfly mobile hanging from the ceiling.
There's a set of shelves for things that aren't really to play with, along with a photo of my dad. The wooden sign has The Boy Child's name on it; I turned it round before taking the photo.
There's a framed scrapbooking-as-art piece.
We're all really pleased with how the playroom office redecoration turned out and the yellow paint turned out to be the perfect shade.  It's called Lemon Tropics by Dulux.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Hello Monday

Hello 8th wedding anniversary and lunch out.
Hello Autumn; we have switched the heating on.
Hello to cute jumpers for 6-year-olds.
Hello overdue hair cut.
Hello to putting The Boy Child's playroom back together.  It's almost there.
Hello to sorting through the cupboards in The Boy Child's room.  I have kept far too much stuff.
Hello to looking for a new bookcase for The Boy Child's room.
Hello to my friend-almost-a-brother coming for dinner and staying the night.
Hello to one more book to get through before The Boy Child becomes a free reader (in my day) or a star reader (in his day).
Hello to the start of half-term.  Already.

How does your week look?

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Scrapbook Saturday

I actually got around to making a page this week, as well as finishing off one that has been on my desk for a while.
First up, a double page spread using a free sketch from Scrapbook Generation.
This double page is for The Boy Child's album, not our Florida album.  Paper is from the Project Life: Kraft range.  The bunting is made from 1" triangles cut on my Cricut
This single page is also for The Boy Child's album; I just need to add the journaling. The small cards (including the one I cut down to look like a pennant) are from the Project Life: Kraft edition and the postcard was bought at the Museum (it's the line we use the most)
What have you been creating this week?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Right Now ...

I am wondering if the yellow in The Boy Child's playroom isn't perhaps a little too yellow?
I have driven the car twice this week.  Go me!  Regular readers will know that I can go weeks without driving the car.  An advantage of living in London.
I am enjoying helping out at school swimming.  If only photography was allowed.
I think that we are on the way to establishing a good and productive working relationship with The Boy Child's teacher.
I am thinking that the box set of The Sopranos is just as good second time around.
I have begun to clear those UFOs* that every paper crafter has.  Journaling still required for a trip from over two years ago, anyone?
I have realised that Autumn's weather has arrived with a bang.  Indoor activities are needed for weekend adventures.  This weekend: London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.
I have realised that I can no longer send The Boy Child to school in shorts.
I haven't read any fiction in what seems like months.  Certainly not since we came back from holiday at the end of July.  Suggestions?

What are you thinking about, feeling, hoping for, struggling with, watching, listening to, celebrating right now? 
* UFO is an unfinished object.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn Glory

When I took the pooch out this morning, I took the camera with me.
Autumn was busy doing her thing in full techicolour.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Hello Monday

Hello decorating; the outside of the house and The Boy Child's playroom.
Hello to buying paint for the playroom.  The Boy Child has chosen yellow.
Hello Dance class; it sets me up for the rest of the day.
Hello Harvest Festival at school.
Hello to watching Downton Abbey on the iPlayer.  It's now on against Homeland and The Brainy One much prefers that.  Don't the program schedulers think that someone can like two completely different types of drama?  Do they really have to have them competing against each other?
Hello to scrapbooking.  I haven't made anything for over a fortnight.  I'm behind with Project Life.  The Boy Child's Summer Manifesto still needs full journalling and some photos.  The Scavenger Hunt photos are in a simple 6x4 album, but still need journalling.  My list of UFOs goes on ...

How does your week look?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Storytelling Sunday: Pick Your Precious

What's my precious this month?
Seeing The Boy Child overcome some of his developmental delays in order to achieve what other children seem to learn effortlessly.
~ mastering the art of buttons ~
 ~ working on hand-eye coordination ~
  Why not pop to Sian's blog for more stories?

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Little Venice to Camden Lock

I was so taken with my recent walk around Little Venice, I took The Brainy One and The Boy Child there today.
I didn't make them walk around for two hours; I let them go on the Waterbus.
 Plenty of other people had the same idea; albeit with alcohol involved.
The people on this narrow boat were celebrating Lulu's 50th birthday and those blue hoodies boldly announced the fact
Next summer, we may try walking along the tow path.  It's not that far at all.
Hard to believe that homes like these exist in the heart of London.  Who can afford them?  The US Ambassador lives in one of them.
 Floating neighbours must be pretty cool.
It was early afternoon by the time we were finished.  The Boy Child's Autism had made its presence felt all morning.  Goodness knows what our fellow passengers thought.
A delicious glass of rosé always makes things better.

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