Friday, 29 November 2013


So it appears that this is my 3,000th blog post.
I began this blog at the beginning of February, 2008.  It was a means to an end; a way for my mum and sister to see what was going on in our everyday lives.  After I joined a few online classes, it grew into something else.  It became a way to meet and interact with like-minded others, while still keeping the family informed.
Three thousand posts later and it's a blog for me.  I use it to share our lives, my scrapbooking and photography.  I also use it as a way to express how I feel about living with The Boy Child's Autism, something that I thought I would never share on the Internet.  The highs, the lows, the successes and the failures.
I hope I've picked up some readers along the way.
I know I've made some good friends.
This year has seen the least amount of posts.  I don't love blogging any less, it's just that I am trying to find my way.  To decide in what direction to go in order to move forward.

How about a wee giveaway?
I have one Basic Grey Hipster journal up for grabs.
Just leave a comment.
That's all you have to do and I'll do the draw on Sunday evening.

30 Days of Thankful | Days 23-29

This week we have free entry to London's Museums, progress, being organised, the first-aiders, old friends, togetherness and giving. 
If you would like to know more about Food Bank in the UK, go here.  UK shoppers might also like to know that Tesco is collecting donations in store this weekend and will add another 30% in value to what you donate. 
I'll show Saturday's page next week.
You can learn more about this month-long project from Cathy Zielske here.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c'mon in.  The kettle's on.
You've found me a little behind myself this morning, after a late night and an early start.
We had two old friends over for supper last night and both stayed the night.  It was a fun evening with plenty of hilarious laughter and I love that we share a long and shared history.
Want to see what we did?  We're very rock 'n' roll!
Would you like a bagel to go with your tea?  I like them lightly toasted, with a light spread of marmalade and you could call it early lunch ...
I must clean the office carpet before long, as the pooch was poorly on it last night and it's a bit smelly!  Sorry about that.  I'm off to school in a little over an hour for the Lower School swimming session.  I do enjoy it. The children are, mostly, very sweet.  Do you, or did you, volunteer at your child/ren's school?
Christmas is looming isn't it?  We are looking forward to the arrival of Elvis the Elf on Sunday and The Boy Child is receiving a Lego Advent Calendar from his Godmother (yay, more pieces to stand on).  I'm particularly looking forward to the Lower School Nativity and Whole School Carol Concert and visiting Santa in his Grotto.
Oh, that's the bagels done ... marmalade or something savoury?

This post has been brought to you in association with Abi's invitation to share a cup of tea.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to a fairly quiet week.  There is not much marked on the calendar.
Hello to two friends over for dinner on Wednesday and both staying the night.
Hello to Christmas planning and shopping.
Hello to scrapbooking.  I am determined to make some pages this week.
Hello to travelling to Mum's for a flying visit at the weekend.  She has a significant birthday coming up.

How does your week look?

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

I am in awe at The Boy Child's progress with his handwriting.
Local authority Occupational Therapy has been very scarce.
I don't mind admitting that there were times when I thought he would never master the art of holding a pencil and forming letters.
He's knocked that thought right out of the park.

Friday, 22 November 2013

30 Days of Thankful | Days 16-22

I don't mind admitting that on some days finding something to be thankful for was hard.
This week we have the sacrifice of others, entertainment in its simplest form, learning how to play the game, the ability to drive, the opportunity to be at home, inspiration from cookery books and scrapbooking
What are you thankful for?
You can learn more about this month-long project from Cathy Zielske here.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

December Daily 2013 | Foundation Pages

This year's December Daily album is ready to go.  I purchased the kit from Studio Calico this year and although I like it, there's so much left over I probably won't bother purchasing one next year.
I intend to spray the wooden piece with gold ink and I may spray the album cover as well.  I made my first ever confetti pocket, sealed with washi tape, and really like the look.  I ended up making a few of them.
I added a Christmas card that caught my eye in Paperchase last week, mounted it on to paper and filled the back of the page protector with wooden pieces left over from last year's December Daily kit.
Some dates in December are already booked.  On the 7th, The Boy Child and I are going to see Santa, so I added a scan of his letter and left space for a large photo.
The 12th is the Lower School Nativity and whole-school Carol Concert, so I've left a double page spread for that.
The 16th is the day we jet off for a five night stay in Gibraltar.  Those lovely wooden airplanes were in the prize I won from Papermaze last week.  Perfect.
I also added some fun things, just because.  Such as a postcard from a set that came free with a Family History magazine last Christmas.  
The wooden 25 is also something I intend to spray with gold ink.  There's three pages for the 25th; it is the big day, after all.
I also added two 6x4 postcards.  The reverse side has a postcard with Blessings on it. One last large photo and that will be that.
If you'd like to see more December Daily foundation pages, you can hop on over to Ali here.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to not overdoing things.  I still don't feel 100% and am tiring very easily.
Hello to The Brainy One working abroad this week.  I can potter about in the evenings with impunity.
Hello to Year 2's Parent/Teacher evening.
Hello to seriously thinking about beginning my Christmas shopping.  I think the majority of it will be done online.
Hello to starting on the foundation pages for December Daily and a small holiday scrapbook.  Did I mention that we are lucky enough to be going on a pre-Christmas break?

How does your week look?

Friday, 15 November 2013

Simply a Moment

Occasionally, something happens that makes it difficult for me to form any kind of coherent sentence.
And they say that a picture paints a thousand words ...
Alexa, of Trimming the Sails, invites people to share a moment with her around this date of each month. Nothing fancy, just a few well chosen words, or a photo, or a scrapbook page.
What's your moment?   

30 Days of Thankful | Days 9-15

There was still a fair bit to be thankful for this week, even if being poorly wasn't one of them.  The relationship they have with one another; swimming lessons; a husband who is self-employed; social media; sitting down jobs; Lower School swimming and unexpected prizes.

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Struck Down

Sunday evening, from out of nowhere, I was struck down with the lurgy.
It was lucky that it didn't happen during The Boy Child's swimming lesson.
It was unlucky that it happened during supper out.
This was me on Monday ...
This was me from Tuesday afternoon ...
Today I am upright but worn out.
And you're spared a selfie of what I look like.
Believe me when I say, it's not good.
All those things I had planned for this week?
Not going to happen.
Lots of sitting down activities like reading and scrapbooking are the order of the day.

But only if the heating is fixed.
The Brainy One decided to bleed all the radiators today.
The heating came on at 4pm.
Only it didn't.
Every. Single. Radiator. Is. Stone. Cold.
And the indoor temperature is falling.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Scrapbook Saturday

Two layouts from me this week.
One about the day we encountered an aircraft at low level and one about week one of the recent half-term.
The patterned paper is the Honey edition by Becky Higgins.  I like it a lot and am trying to use up every last piece.
I'm beginning to think about December Daily and a holiday scrapbook (for a pre-Christmas trip we have planned).  I'm also counting my blessings and recording daily all that I am thankful for in 30 Days of Thankful.
What have you been creating lately?

Friday, 8 November 2013

30 Days of Thankful | Days 4-8

This week, I've been thankful for evening meals together, gym membership, the power of music, my sister-in-law and manicures.

What are you thankful for?
You can learn more about this month-long project from Cathy Zielske here.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dear Blog

There's so much I want to say to you.
There's so much I want to share with you.
But here's the thing.
Of late, when I sit down at the keyboard I get brain freeze.
I can't think of how I want to format a post.
A few witty sentences and the odd classy photo and I should be done.  Right?
So, in the meantime, here's a great photo of The Boy Child and my SiL.
And hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.
Thanks for listening.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Hello Monday | 30 Days of Thankful

Hello back to school.
Hello to Remembrance Assembly at school.
Hello to Parental Engagement Group.  I'm not exactly sure what this will entail, but as I have been invited to join the group, I shall soon find out.
Hello to resumption of after school clubs and Sunday afternoon swimming lessons.

How does your week look?

Over the weekend I was grateful for the friendship we have with our Chelsea Pensioner friend and for the friendship that The Boy Child has with his The Good Friend.
For the rest of this month, I shall post a weekly round-up of 30 Days of Thankful on Fridays.
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