Monday, 18 November 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to not overdoing things.  I still don't feel 100% and am tiring very easily.
Hello to The Brainy One working abroad this week.  I can potter about in the evenings with impunity.
Hello to Year 2's Parent/Teacher evening.
Hello to seriously thinking about beginning my Christmas shopping.  I think the majority of it will be done online.
Hello to starting on the foundation pages for December Daily and a small holiday scrapbook.  Did I mention that we are lucky enough to be going on a pre-Christmas break?

How does your week look?


debs14 said...

Pleased to hear you are planning to still take things easy. It's strange how long it can take to get over some viruses isn't it?
I bought my first present last week, I think we're all starting now!

Sian said...

keep taking it easy..

Here? It's school exam week. Argh!

Kirsty.A said...

Have a good (and restful) week

Beverly said...

My virus was violent but less than 24 hrs and I am still exhausted 3 days later, i can imagine that yours will take a bit of time to get back up to speed. Online shopping can be a nice distraction even allowing you to get things accomplished :)

alexa said...

Hoping you'll be feeling better very soon indeed - at least you'll be able just to do your own thing in the evenings :).

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