Monday, 13 January 2014

Currently Reading

Towards the end of 2013, I went weeks without reading any fiction.  And not reading fiction is a concept as alien to me as not breathing.  There wasn't any particular reason for it.  It was just one of those things.
I didn't receive a book or a book token at Christmas, either.  Most unusual.
Tara Road is an old favourite and I have lost count how many times I have read it.  I did hear a while ago that someone in Hollywood had bought the rights to it, and Amazon is showing a DVD of the same name for sale from around 2005.  It has a gazillion rubbish reviews.
A Field Guide to Now was flagged up on Ali's website.  I gave it as shot, as it sounded interesting, but it turned out to be one of those books that anyone of us could have written, if we'd had the foresight to have the idea in the first place.
Great Escaper was actually a Christmas gift for The Brainy One and is about Roger Bushell, the real-life Big X.  The Great Escape is my favourite film of all time, so I am looking forward to getting stuck into this.
I'm also waiting for Hands Free Mama to come back into stock at Amazon and it's another title recommended by Ali.

What are you reading?


furrypig said...

a great variety of books on your reading list there Ruth, I am currently reading Longbourn which I will review at some point no doubt!

Sian said...

I'm doing a reading post tomorrow! I like the sound of The Great Escape one. I think we'd like that here.

Margaret J said...

Reading The Railway Man at the moment, not an easy read at times as his experiences make you cry. I hope the film does justice to the book. Have to read some fiction this week before the monthly book club, so will probably try The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier, which I bought in Waterstone's sale - with a birthday book token.
Enjoy your books.

debs14 said...

I've just finished Jennifer Saunder's autobiography which was a Christmas gift. A nice easy read.

Liz said...

I like the sound of the Great Escaper. I might have to have a look at that one x

Amy said...

I don't think I have read as much, ever, as I did in 2013 - it was a great form of relaxation for me ... and telly is terrible!

Love the look of your blog Ruth - it has been a little while since I've popped over!

cate behind the purple door said...

I didn't get books for Christmas, either (although I think my permanent use of the kindle makes it harder for people to gift books in their minds)

I'm currently reading World War Z by Max Brooks for book club next month. 35 pages in and I'm having bad dreams already!

Miriam said...

I've read all Maeve Binchy's books, I fell in love with her first, Light A Penny Candle, Oh so many years ago and Tara Road is a favourite. I don't think I would bother with a film, too disappointing.