Friday, 24 January 2014

One in Twenty

As I was scrolling through a multitude of FB posts earlier (there really is such rubbish on there), I noticed a post about creating a layout using a timer.
Twenty minutes for the basics.
Then another twenty for the embellishments.
And finally, another twenty to tweak if necessary.
The Boy Child made a joke the other evening and I wanted to get the story down as soon as possible.  I very rarely scrap without a photo, but as the camera wasn't to hand, I had to do without one.
The whole page took around 30 minutes .  The text paper came from a Studio Calico kit, the 6x4 journalling card came from Sn@p Pockets and everything else is by Becky Higgins (Kraft design).
Journalling reads: 22 January, 2014: supper time-ish.
"Mummy, can I write my name on this piece of paper?"
"Okay.  Be careful with the pen."
Later ...
"Mummy, can I write some more?"
"No, not on that piece of paper; that's my shopping list for tomorrow."
Short pause.
"But my name is already on it."
Slightly longer pause.
"Will you buy a The Boy Child at the shops tomorrow?"
Cue laughter from Mummy. x

Have you ever made a page without a photo?
Have you ever scrapped against the clock?

ETA: the challenge I saw on FB is over on the Jot magazine blog and is hosted by my good friend, Sian.


Sian said...

Is this my Jot post? Or is somebody else doing the same thing ?! lol. If it's the Jot one, please link it up to the challenge page and let everyone admire it!

Margaret J said...

Nice layout and I'm still laughing at TBC's comment. Priceless!

alexa said...

Oh my, that conversation is too funny! You have done a great job in thirty minutes ...

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

So cute! I love that you documented this, Ruth, and your layout is lovely. xo

Mary Lou said...

Cute story. I have done a scrap page without a photo. I have actually done two in my heritage album and one in my 52 Scrapable Memories album. For all three I was lucky enough to have some very nice appropriate stickers to use.

Missus Wookie said...

Oh that is funny - I like that you've included the shopping list with the example of his writing on it. Yes, I've done pages without photos.

Louise said...

I was just reading the challenge over a Sians. Great page and love the boy childs thinking :)

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