Friday, 17 January 2014

Project Life

My lovely friend Amy asked if there was a chance of a sneaky peek at my Project Life album.
"Are you doing PL 2014? I know you said you decided not to share last year ... any chance of a small peek? Sorry if this is impertinent :)"
Long-term readers will know that I blogged Project Life for eight months in 2011 (I began on 1st April) and then stopped (blogging about it, not compiling it).  Those Project Life posts were the posts that generated the least amount of comments during 2011.
The above image is from this week's spread.  You can see that today's card is waiting to be filled out.  The Boy Child has a party to go to tomorrow, that's the invitation already in Saturday's pocket.  This year I am mixing up the pages a little; I am using using PL Design A and We Are Memory Keepers divided pages (they have three 4x4 squares across the middle).  I am also printing photos at 3x4 and then sticking them to a 6x4 journaling card (book fair photo, top left) before writing on both sides of the card.  I am putting 6x4 journaling cards in spaces where I have only ever put 6x4 photos previously.  
I am putting supermarket shopping receipts behind self-portraits(ish) of me driving the car to the supermarket.
 I am even making confetti pockets to fill a gap on a slow news week.
I'm writing on double-sided 6x4 journaling cards and then using washi tape to attach the card to behind a photo.
Last year I included some global news items and I expect to do the same again this year.
And that's it.
Nothing fancy.
I've always admired people who have the discipline to write a diary entry every day.
Short notes and photos are working for me.


alexa said...

I have enjoyed a little peek into your PL pages, and I am always interested in how you are adapting it to suit your self - having double sided cards sounds like such a good idea for journalling.

Ginger said...

I would like to add more current events to mine this year. I don't always write much, just a few words here and there, I seem to have more photos than journaling cards! Oh and I love the confetti!

Sian said...

Yep, it's definitely working!

Mel said...

TFS Ruth I have decided that 2014 is the year to start project life so it was interesting too see your take on it.

Annesphamily said...

You crafty girls always make me smile! I am behind on everything! Had the nasty flu for the New Year! But eventually it all will fall into place, a little at a time. I have missed visiting you. Good to be here.

Amy said...

Sorry for being so impertinent! However, I am glad I asked because I really appreciate seeing how this works for you after a few years. I am not a diary writer either and it is because of that I like scrapping - well, one of the reasons.
I find it really encouraging to see the level of detail you have after several years in this format. I too am tending towards the note style of journaling, it is almost as though each segment of the grid can tell its own story, I like that a lot.

Linda Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing a peek into your PL, it's really pretty! I've considered not sharing mine also, but I decided to make the stories in PL more sharing that if I have people over I'm comfortable with sharing the album with them as well. I have other projects to keep more personal stories in.

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