Friday, 28 February 2014

Five on Friday

Here's a look at my Friday:
1) Rain.  Yet more rain.
2) A new handbag.  I've been eyeing this bag for a while.  It has 20% off the price this week.  It's teal.  It makes me think of Deb and Marti.  It's now mine.  All it needs for perfection is a small quilted strawberry ...
3) Cooking up hidden veg in tomato sauce.  Recipe here.
4) Completing a scrapbook page.  This one is loosely based on Scrap 365's latest sketch challenge.
5)  Planning The Boy Child's outfit for next week's World Book Day event at school.
 How does your Friday look?

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c'mon in.  It's lovely to see you again.  Has it really been a month since our last chat over a cuppa and nibbles?
I'll just put the kettle and would you like a scone to go with your cuppa?  I've recently rediscovered how to bake scones after a hiatus of probably 30 years or more.  I know you'll laugh when I tell you we are eating far too many of them.
You've popped by just at the right time, as I'm just back from the gym and I have an hour before I need to nip out again for a blood test.  What's that, am I something of a gym bunny?  Ha, absolutely not!  I use the pool and pootle up and down without speed, style or finesse.  However, I have worked up to 30 lengths a visit, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.
You know that I'm going to mention the weather as well, don't you?  Apparently, it's been the wettest January since records began and February has been pretty wet, too. Take a good look at the blue sky outside the window, because it's not forecast to last long; sleet and snow is on the way.
How are things with you?  Have you been crafting?  I've had a lull with traditional scrapbook pages, but am hoping to rectify that this week.  I'm on top of Project Life and still enjoying the whole process.  I've began making a small travel album for our up and coming trip to New York.  It's 6x8 and I'm using themed Project Life cards from Becky Higgins.  Very handily, she has ranges called Road Trip and Americana.  I'm hoping that The Boy Child will want to write in it.  A lot.
And speaking of The Boy Child, we are still waiting for an answer from the Review Panel.  Our application for more hours was submitted a fortnight ago and we have yet to hear back from the Panel.  It seems that we had to submit our application within a set timescale, but the LEA does not have to make a decision within a timescale.  They only have to tell us within a week of making the decision.  Frustrating, to say the least.
Gosh, that was a quick hour, wasn't it?  And yet again I've monopolised the conversation.
Next month, I promise to be a better listener!

This post has been brought to you in association with Abi's invitation to share a cup of tea.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Zoom In | Zoom Out

Spring daffodils on the kitchen table. 
Zoom In | Zoom Out is the brainchild of Helena and you can see more here.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Listening To and Taking Notice Of

I'm one of those annoying sorts of people who like to be doing.
I can easily fill my days and then some.
Which is why learning that I am iron deficient has knocked me for six.
Currently, I can't just ignore it and carry on.
My body is saying no and saying no very loudly.
I'm having to re-educate myself.
And fairly quickly, at that.
Having a lie-down after lunch or lounging on the sofa with a book is not me shirking.
It's what's needed.
Taking time for a hour of pampering is also welcome (manicure and eyebrow wax), because of the need to be still.
Rest and recuperation really are just what the doctor ordered.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Right Now ...

I'm appreciative of blue skies and sunshine.
I'm enjoying the early signs of Spring.
I'm baking scones almost daily.
I'm making Yorkshire Pudding batter, ready to turn it into Toad in the Hole. 
I'm almost a month along with iron tablets and not noticing any discernible improvement.
What are you thinking about, feeling, hoping for, struggling with, watching, listening to, celebrating right now? 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

All Things London Transport

And so, the final outing of Half-Term.
The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.
It's a favourite.
It's great value for money.
Children go free and an adult ticket is valid for a year.
There are plenty of hands-on exhibits.
There are themed exhibitions.  The current is about London Life.
 ~ the time there was a whale in the Thames (2006, I think) ~ 
 ~ the legend that says the monarchy will fall if the ravens leave the Tower of London ~
~ claims that there was an underground aircraft factory during WW2 ~
There was also an exhibition of related artwork by various London-wide children's groups.
These wall hangings were created by children with Autism.
Tomorrow sees us return to our usual routine and I shall be glad of the opportunity to have slightly less full days.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Science for Him | Architecture for Me

The Boy Child and I visited South Kensington this morning.
His part of the trip was a visit to the Science Museum and a viewing of Fly me to the Moon in the 3D IMAX cinema.
My part of the trip is walking around the neighbourhood before heading home.  There are some stunning buildings in the locality and I never get tired of looking at them.
 ~ Royal College of Organists ~
 ~ Queen's Gate ~
~ Royal Albert Hall ~
Of course, it helps when the sun is shining.
Is the sun shining where you are? 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Five on Friday

Five things about my Friday:
1) Mum had to go home today.  The Brainy One cheekily said that he looked forward to the day she retired so that she could spend more time with us.
 2) A dry 72 hours, but yet more rain is forecast.
3) Working on Project Life while The Boy Child played with his Lego.  We had one eye on the Gold medal match in the Men's Curling.  Painful to watch, but still a superb achievement for Team GB.
 4) Baking scones.
5) Encouraging The Boy Child to practice, practice, practice his handwriting.
How does your Friday look?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Date Night(ish)

When my mum comes to stay she invariably offers to babysit The Boy Child so that The Brainy One and I can have a few hours out, just the two of us.
These days we are creatures of simple tastes: a drink, a movie and supper.
 ~ Champagne and a Champagne Mojito ~ 
 ~ Great film: ridiculously expensive ~
~ Italian for supper~ 
Thanks, mum!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Zoom In | Zoom Out

I took The Boy Child and Granny to Kew Gardens todays for the annual Orchid Festival.
It has to be said that The Boy Child is not really a fan of Kew; he moans at every opportunity.
I live in hope.

 Zoom In | Zoom Out is the brainchild of Helena.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Double Booked

As is usual in the school holidays, we took a trip into town to have lunch with our Chelsea Pensioner friend.
Unfortunately, he'd double-booked us with a fee-paying tour.
So lunch became a cuppa and a quick chat.
I made up for The Boy Child's disappointment by taking him to the Golden Arches for lunch and then onto the bookshop in Harrods.
He chose two books and, armed with his book tokens, presented them to the lady on the till.
Yet more disappointment as we learned that the store only takes their own gift vouchers.
I handed over the cash and the book tokens are now mine to spend.
A satisfactory kind of day in the end.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Sunshine

It's been a glorious day (so far) and we were keen to take advantage of it.
We decided to go to Strand on the Green, which sits right on the north banks of the River Thames and is very beautiful (and very expensive).
We walked between two bridges, north side out and south side back.  The river was reasonably high and running very quickly.
 Local residents live with flood defences in place all year round.
We finished off with brunch at a riverside cafe ...
... and the good fortune to bump into the grandparents of The Boy Child's best friend. They treat The Boy Child like another grandson.
It's what Sundays in the sunshine are made for.
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