Saturday, 1 March 2014

Be More | February

Oh, yes.
To be more is still at the forefront of my mind.
February was every bit as good as January.
  • We hosted an Afternoon Tea party, which turned out to be hugely successful.  So much so, we are hosting another later this month.
  • We dusted off the telescope and saw Jupiter and her moons.
~ will credit source when I can remember where I saw it ~ 
  • We thoroughly enjoyed watching the BBC's coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.  Snowboarding Slopestyle and Ski Cross?  Brilliantly bonkers! 
  • I swam 330 lengths in the pool at the gym.
  • The Boy Child started at Mathletics club after school.  A club about Maths? Result.
And oh, so much more.
February has whizzed by.
Hello, March and all that you can offer.
Do you have a word for 2014 that you want to keep at the forefront of your mind during your daily life?


Missus Wookie said...

Well done on keeping MORE so much in your forefront.

Sian said...

Go Mathletics!

ps - will you be watching Darcey at the ballet tonight? We will

Margaret J said...

It was a busy month - time flies.

furrypig said...

sounds like a great month, hoping March goes well for you all xxx

Amy said...

February sounds pretty fabulous at your place!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I checked back through your activities, and they look like such fun. Glad it has been a good month.

I thought of you on Sunday last. My good friends hosted a Downton Dinner, and it was such fun. We dressed up and thoroughly enjoyed it. The children were involved as well. This Sunday seems a bit dull by comparison. LOL

Happy March!



Liz said...

A busy, busy month but a good one by the sounds of it xx

Beverly said...

You definitely embraced MORE in February. Good for you on the swimming. We enjoyed the Olympics as well.

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