Friday, 21 March 2014

Five on Friday

I looked up this morning and discovered it was Friday.
It's been a busy week.
It's been a good week.  Mostly.
1) Hot buttered bagels are a perfect pick-me-up after walking around the park for an hour with the pooch.  In the cold Spring wind.
2) Unexpected Happy Mail is always a joy to receive.  I haven't seen my friend in New Zealand since January 2006.  Communication has been sporadic and Facebook has not been the answer.  Cue pen to paper.
3) Enforced down-time is turning out to be a pleasure.  Around an hour, just sitting and reading?  Perfection.
4) Seeing the pile of my books dwindle is also a joy, knowing that they are heading off around the globe.  To that friend in New Zealand and to the ex-boyfriend who drove across Italy so that I could visit my great-uncle's grave.
5) Completing the relevant paperwork for our trip to New York City has been straight forward. Amendments for me and The Boy Child.  New application for Granny.
How does your Friday look?
** the draw to win a copy of my book is still open.  See here.**


Margaret J said...

Don't think my Friday would be that interesting! I like the bagels and I know that your book is being well received.

Becky said...

I had to work all day instead of a half day and had to deal with two very distressed members of staff. Penny bought me some tulips to cheer me up which was sweet of her.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Love seeing your stack of books dwindling as they go out to significant people. I think it's great that you are sending one to your ex-boyfriend for his contribution to the book!

My Friday includes seeing a comedy show tonight with Doug and Carrie. :o)

alexa said...

What a great Friday round up, full of interesting things ... Hoping you have been relaxing with a book today too! My Friday was nowhere near as interesting as yours, but I did finally catch up on all the stuff I didn't do last weekend through having been away :).

Alison said...

Your Friday sounds more constructive than mine...though I DID get some shopping done!
Alison xx

Missus Wookie said...

What an interesting collection - yes, my enforced down time has been a blessing for many things. I've had to work to ensure I don't make it as busy as the non down time :)

Glad that the pile of books is dwindling, both Princess & I so enjoyed seeing our books go out. I still get a burst of pride when I see a copy of mine on a Meeting House library shelf.

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