Friday, 28 March 2014

Five on Friday

Five things about my Friday:
1) School-related Coffee Mornings have been a lot more fun of late.
2) We went shopping for tomorrow's Afternoon Tea/Drinks Party.  We bought the store's own brand of Champagne in the end, which is half the price of my favourite brand and just as delicious.  
3) Shoe/boot shopping with The Boy Child was successful.  We were looking for sturdy footwear that will cope with the mean streets of New York City.
4) I'm having to wash The Boy Child's dry-clean-only blazer again.  I wonder what he does in it.
5) I received a Mother's Day card from a new-ish friend and it made me cry.
Sadly, the day has not ended well.
There has been shouting and there has been crying.
How was your day?


Missus Wookie said...

There was a lot of shouting and tears - next door rather than inside but very audible. Sorry the day wasn't good - hope the weekend is better.

helena said...

your coffee morning looks scrummy. hope the day ended well after the tears

Kirsty.A said...

Mine ended with shouting & crying too. We are all ready for the end of term!

Ladkyis said...

The fact that you both feel safe enough to shout and cry at each other is such a good thing. There are children who are so afraid of their keeper - and I use the word advisedly - that they never cry or raise their voice. There are adults too who live in the same situation. Next time he shouts at you give yourself praise that he feels secure enough to be able to be independent. It might not seem like much but really it is HUGE!
Sending you comfort hugs for that guilt I know you are feeling.

alexa said...

Sorry to hear about the shouting and crying ... Hope it was shortlived and you can be comforted by the card, where your worth as a Mum is clearly seen and valued :).

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