Monday, 24 March 2014

Home Sweet Home?

Do you love where you live?
I don't.
I hear myself say that and know that it sounds ungrateful.
I live in a house not of my choosing, but it is a very nice house.
It's just not my home.
My recent post about home being in the details, coupled with Becky's post last year about stories of home, has had me thinking.
So I'm going to do what I do best.
Print out a stack of house-related photos.
Write out a load of info on Project Life cards.
And then, maybe, just maybe, the details of all those things I've included will make where I live feel like home.
Do you love where you live?


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

You know, I don't REALLY love where I live at this time, but I do love the details that make it home for Doug and I. But, I do know what you mean because for years when Carrie's dad and I were married I did not like where I lived. We lived in a house that had belonged to his parents, and I always wanted to have our OWN place. Never happened though...but that's all water under the bridge at this point. I hope your search for details will reveal a deeper love for your home, Ruth. xo

Missus Wookie said...

Hmm - I've really really liked this house but knew it wasn't mine forever so don't 'love' it. We're starting to look for a new home and I don't expect to love the next one, but hope the one we actually buy we love.

debs14 said...

Yes I do love my home. We worked our way up to this house from a tiny 2 bed terrace house, to a 3 bed semi detached and now to where we live now. Our children grew up here, and we have 23 years of memories here. We've extended it and made it ours. I love that we are in easy reach of shops and road, rail and airport yet within 5 mins we can be in the middle of the countryside.
I hope you soon find a home to really love too!

alexa said...

I like your thought that looking at the details of,your home will help you appreciate it more ... I am very happy in my home, I have to say, and we have been here longer than anywhere else so I guess we must be! But it's always good to think about why ...

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Yes and no. We are having house issues right now. I love our retreat for its proximity to shops, restaurants, etc. but I don't love some of the issues we have been having in a 120 year old house. for the most part, though, yes, i do like it. i would like to alter the kitchen.

I like our residence, but it is having issues, too. I think I am at an unsettled period in my life and wish we had less yard and more house and possibly on one level. I also need to declutter, but I love our things!

If I were to build, I know exactly what I would build. The height of the ceilings, the size of the rooms, the special features, etc. I know the style. I know that I love square rooms and traditional architecture. I also love period houses, even with their quirks, especially because of their quirks!



joy said...

I do love my home, it is our "forever" home. We've been here for two years and I know now that I never want to live anywhere else - but we only found it purely by chance, at a time just after my husband had suffered a slight stroke and had been offered an early retirement package from work. So, like a phoenix from the flames, something wonderful came out of something bad.

Sian said...

i know what you mean :) This isn't my favourite of the houses we have lived in. We moved here to get more space, from a small but very lovely old house. Funnily enough, the old house is back on the market again at the minute. It's a lovely house with plenty of old pine doors and cast iron fireplaces to take nice photos against. But I guess if I hadn't moved here High in the Sky might have become something else. I'd still like to find another old house to love

Ladkyis said...

When we moved in here I loved it. Now I am beginning to see it as a prison because I am unable to go out without Mr M. This is not the fault of the house just my mental state. I understand how your house doesn't feel like your home and I applaud your way of making the most of a situation. Something good will come of this, I just feel it.

Karen said...

Yes I do love my house but I don't always like it. Having lived there for 21 years with my washing machine still in the lounge that is also being used as David's workshop and sleeping in the smallest bedroom in the house because the one that should be ours still doesn't have a ceiling or all the floor boards means that at times I hate it but then when I sit in my beautiful kitchen or soak in my beautiful bathroom I love it.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have my ups and downs with my home. We bought it in 1997. I'd love a rambly old farm house (fully restored) with a big wrap around porch and large light filled rooms.

Oh how I long for large light filled rooms!

But living underground for 17 years will have that effect.

This is DH's dream home. We can't afford mine. But mostly I like the house. Just some times I would like many windows in a room, instead of just a single sliding glass door.

Anonymous said...

I love our home and we've lived here for almost 13 years. We built the home with a walk-out suite so that my parents could move in with us. They needed the support. They lived with us for 5 years before passing away. Since then I ran a B & B for 6 years and it currently is a rental suite, inhabited by a dear friend of ours. So this house has "given" so much to our family. The main and upper floor are spacious and comfortable for a family of four. The main floor is one huge room, flooded with light from large south facing windows. When I come down every morning to beautiful light in the open concept area I still pinch myself that we live here. I'm very grateful for this beautiful home.
Nancy Peacock
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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