Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day

I'm not one for a lot of fuss on Mother's Day.
This year, however, I was spoilt with a number of cards.
And enough flowers to start my own florist shop.  The result of hosting Afternoon Tea the day before Mother's Day.
Daffodils and orchids, with enough daffs to fill two vases.
And tulips.
Gorgeous roses.
Scrumptious sunflowers and bamboo.
And if they weren't blessings enough, my beautiful Goddaughter and her family stayed overnight.
And, of course, we had the obligatory team photo before they went home.
 My heart feels full to over-flowing.


Margaret J said...

Pleased that you had a good day. Lovely here too - just back from Italian supper which was delicious so now to finish off the champagne.

Ladkyis said...

YAY for a full heart, always easier to share when love is overflowing. So glad you had a lovely weekend

Sian said...

It looks like a good time was had by all! it was nice here too, with a trip to see my Mum

Beverly said...

Surrounded by love, always the best way to celebrate. The flowers are lovely!

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