Friday, 4 April 2014

Five on Friday

1) The Boy Child gave his teacher her engagement/wedding present.  She was delighted.  The Boy Child less so at having to pose for a photo.
2) An unexpected coffee with this wee munchkin and his mum and dad.
3) Preparing Easter gifts.  The Boy Child won't be happy when he learns that he has to write on 20 tags.  I got a little carried away when bagging the chocolates up.
4) Making friends with these cute pooches at the cafe in the park.
5) Writing out invitations for the next Afternoon Tea party.
How does your Friday look?


Margaret J said...

Nice photos. Is teacher planning to leave?
Suggest the gift tags are written in stages!
Love to all x

Sian said...

Lovely pictures!

I'm spending the afternoon cleaning and airing a bed. TTO is home tomorrow! I asked him if he had any meal requests and he said curry, curry and curry. I thought students ate curry all the time

Alison said...

Been catching up Ruth...what a wonderful array of flowers you had and your Afternoon Tea looks like a huge success! I am 'resting' trying to get rid of the nasty chest infection which has rendered me useless this week,
Alison xx

debs14 said...

I've just finished work for the Easter holidays, so my Friday is feeling pretty good! Love your idea of afternoon tea, I bet those people receiving invitations can hardly wait.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I want to RSVP for your afternoon tea, Ruth! :o) Oh how I wish...

Anyway, love the photos this week and happy to hear that TBC's teacher liked her gift - though I knew she would.

My Friday is just beginning - looking forward to a quiet and crafty weekend at home as Doug is away fishing this weekend.

Becky said...

Great set of photos - hope you have a nice weekend. I spent a lovely afternoon chatting to my sister on the phone and hearing all about her operation and her recovery - so nice to be able to talk with her after we nearly lost her. 1294 44342994

helena said...

so much cute in your Friday - mine had plenty of chat and laughs

furrypig said...

I love the idea of hosting afternoon tea and may have to try this one out sometime. It is difficult to do evening events with DS as he gets so tired but if he is having a bad day afternoon tea might prove difficult too.... but we used to host big gatherings all the time and haven't done one for years.... I can feel another coming on.....thanks xxx