Sunday, 13 April 2014


Sometimes I forget to take photos.
It's true.
I cart the big camera around with me and then don't take it out of my bag.
We spent a gorgeously sunny afternoon in Chelsea with our Chelsea Pensioner friend.
I took two photos all afternoon.
One of them was taken on my phone.
One of them was taken as we were leaving.
In the grand scheme of memory keeping, the fact that two photos exist is more than enough.
I know the story behind the photos.
It doesn't matter that there aren't 50+ images recording our visit.


Missus Wookie said...

Very true indeed. I like that last one - shows the relationship so nicely ;)

Sian said...

I agree too. You only need one photo to go with all the pictures in your head. Sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

Can totally relate to the not taking pictures but as Sian said you only need one to go with your memories.

Alison said...

I phot is usually enough to bring a whole event back to my mind,
Alison xx

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