Sunday, 6 April 2014

Travel Journals

It's just 10 days until The Boy Child, Granny and I leave for New York City.
I take a journal each time I go away.
Sometimes it's small and ready-made.
Sometimes it's partly ready-made, as it started life in one form and ended up in another.
Sometimes it's a notebook that has been prettied up.
For this trip, I bought one notebook from Paperchase for a reasonable £7.  There are plenty of pages for journaling on, there are a selection of photo pockets and pockets for storing all those bits and pieces that are collected on trips such as this one.
I took it apart and divided it roughly into two.
I used October Afternoon's Travel Girl range to cover the fronts, adding suitable Project Life cards, washi tape (also found in Paperchase), baker's twine and American Craft alphas (Broadway).

For the second book, I cut chipboard to size for the covers and used bookrings.  I added ribbon, but now I'm not sure about it.  It can always come off.
I've left Mum's journal fairly plain, as I think she will like to add her own embellishments.
I added shocking pink card to the inside cover of mine and added washi tape.  That dark blob you can see is a magnetic bookmark that has the Statue of Liberty on it.
I added paper to the storage pockets.  I love this paper, which is reminiscent of the signage for the NYC subway system.
And ready and waiting on the first page is a 3x4 Project Life and washi tape.  What are they waiting for?  A photo of the aircraft that will fly us to NYC.
Part of me thinks I'm bonkers to do this.
Part of me thinks it's a really cool thing to do. 
Part of me hopes that The Boy Child will want to write in it.
How about you?  Do you keep a travel journal?  Is it a mini scrapbook or do you keep your notes electronically?  


Sian said...

I hope he wants to write something in it too. I try to encourage our two to write whatever they can when we are away, and those are precious diary entire indeed.

Love that OA collection too

Kirsty.A said...

Ooh, I'm jealous. No, actually. i'm in France as I type so not jealous as much as looking forward to seeing all your pictures and stuff when you share your wonderful journal. I'm PL this holiday and so is M

helena said...

Your books look fabulous and will be fun to write in. I have created travel notebooks in the past, sometimes with category pages, sometimes as a day by day journal. sometimes I record electronically. recently I've had a photo scavenger hunt list

Missus Wookie said...

We use Passporters which have the same questions daily - which helps as the family know what they'll be asked and come up with answers quite willingly. Answers get written on the Passporter pockets or electronically into Evernote. Once I'm home I'll put them together with photos.

You could take PL cards so TBC doesn't have to worry about mucking up the album. I know that helped my two with journaling.

Anonymous said...

I've never made a travel journal and usually do my notes electronically but this past trip I did buy a travel journal. Your's look wonderful. I hope the Boy Child does write something in it. Enjoy!

alexa said...

I get so excited by travel journals, and your lovely ones are no exception :). I made one a few years ago fpr a family holiday but only kept it for half the time and regret not keeping up with it now. It will be wonderful to look back on in years to come, even if the Boy Child just writes in a sentence about the best bit of each day ...

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