Friday, 16 May 2014

Seeing the Details

Over the last week, The Boy Child's bedroom has been redecorated.
Gone are the pale blue walls adorned with posters of military aircraft and assorted transfers.
Gone are the curtains adorned with bright yellow diggers.
After lunch, when I'd ironed and hung new curtains, I took my camera, mug of tea, book and various electronic devices into his room.
And sat quietly.
And took in the details.
He'd wanted curtains with Liverpool FC on them.  I couldn't bring myself to buy them, so we compromised on red.  The blind is also new (the previous one was a health hazard) and only justs fits the width of the window.  Yours truly Someone didn't quite get her calculations correct.  The bunting has been recycled from the Diamond Jubilee in 2012; I simply put it in the washer and then ironed it.
The funky clock started off in The Boy Child's playroom, but migrated to the bedroom when the previous clock ticked too loudly.
On the shelf are photos and a gift from our American friends.
On the wall is a framed scrapbook page from 2010.
Waiting to go the walls are last year's class photo and a photo montage.
Making the room his room are the collection of stuffed toys.  The small bear is Granny Ted and these days she is quadriplegic.  She is the most loved of all his stuffed toys and came with me when I went into hospital to have him.  
He is a reader.  Although most evenings, he likes to be read to.  We are currently working our way through Worzel Gummidge.
What details do you see/remember in your child/ren's room/s?


Sian said...

I remember that when TTO was six we decorated his room - it was in the heyday of Changing Rooms, so we copied the show by taping black binliners to the door and letting him slice his way through to see the end result. we have it on video

Your changed room looks fantastic

Amy said...

It all looks really good Ruth but what it catching my eye - jumping out in fact - is that class photo ... wow, it's a good one!

Beverly said...

I love the red, white and blue and all the details. Very appropriate for me to read this today. The Pirate has returned home for a bit after college graduation..until he finds a job. We painted his room today and the carper is being shampooed at this moment..obviously not by me. The walls are a medium grey and the trim white. The focal point will be the quilt I made him for gradutaion :)

Missus Wookie said...

I like that you've recorded the details - I don't think I've done any of that with either of mine. Planning on doing that at the next place.

alexa said...

Doesn't it look splendid? Great that you have taken photos of all the little bits that might get missed in a snap of the whole room. I wish we had more details of the chihldren's rooms - though we did once live in a house where the whole of one wall was painted as a scene from The Snowman :).

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