Thursday, 15 May 2014

When He's Away

The Brainy One no longer travels as much as he used to for work.
The halcyon days were, for me, the couple of years just before The Boy Child was born.
I have to go to New York; would you like to come?
I have to go to Hong Kong; would you like to come?
I have a meeting in Singapore: shall we fit it into a round-the-world trip? 
This week, The Brainy One is in the not so exotic location of the Home Counties.
And when he comes home, he will ask me the same question he always asks after a trip.
Did you miss me?
And I will reply, "no, not really."
Life here for me and The Boy Child stays the same.  Our routine goes on.
Here's a snapshot of my last couple of days:
~ the laundry ~
 ~ the ironing ~
 ~ scone baking ~
 ~ dog walking ~
 ~ bed changing ~
 ~ weeding ~
 ~ taking The Boy Child out for supper ~
 ~ and doing homework while we were there ~
~ put TBC's bedroom back together after the decorating was finished ~
 ~ made a gazillion cups of tea for the decorator ~
~ time for scrapbooking ~
 ~ time for Project Life ~
 ~ time for me ~
How do you view your time when your husband/partner/significant other is away from home?


Sian said...

The perfect question for me today! This time next week TSO and I will be looking out the window, waiting for the return of the other two - a bloke's road trip, overnight, to collect TTO from Scotland. It's years since he's been away overnight anywhere..we're just hoping we set enough alarm clocks so we wake up to get to the exams on time here. Setting the alarm clock is not usually my responsibility

Ladkyis said...

The only time Mr M was away from home I came down with a virus infection that left me with ME. He says he couldn't stand the strain of going away without me ever again

debs14 said...

Funnily enough next weekend it will be just me and the dog all weekend, last time that happened was last April when the rest of the family did the Three Peaks Challenge. This time R will be on holiday in Portugal, and P and J are walking a section of Hadrians Wall. I am really looking forward to having some time on my own, cooking for one, meals I love but no one else does, shopping in town, reading in bed for as long as I like without feeling bad about having the light on oh and no snoring! Bliss!

Mel said...

Yeah I enjoy choosing what to watch, eat and do but I miss the extra help with the baby!

scrappyjacky said...

Most weeks my OH is away Monday to Friday.....I find it quite strange when he is here during the throws my routine right out!!
Though today....him being here meant we went out for a very nice lunch together....and then he could help me with the heavy jobs in the garden!!

Karen said...

David goes out every Thursday and Friday evenings. Before she moved to Scotland my best friend would come round on Thursday evening and we would have a few hours chatting and crafting. I now spend Thursday evenings and usually Friday evenings too if I am honest crafting and I love the freedom of not having to think about anyone else!

Denise said...

My time when himself is away - not that often and only for weekends is pretty much the same really but with more of an emphasis on scrapbooking !

Amy said...

TE used to travel a LOT for work too and he was his busiest from when TTYO was born until the TSYO was born ... t was an intense time and unfortunately meant I couldn't go with him ... which was highly annoying because a lot of the travel was in to Europe. He still is away frequently but they are shorter trips and not ones that require adjustment to him being here or not.

However, when he is away I tend to be very productive in the cleaning stakes .. what can I say, he is good at making mess!

Missus Wookie said...

Wookie is the one left behind as I travel for work/Quakers more than he does. He likes it that way and tends to let the house and fresh vegetable intake go :)

Abi said...

I have never known the boy to be in the same place as me (expect at school) so I only know what it is like for him to be away. Sometimes it is great because he misses my grumpy days and often it is rubbish because he misses my best. I can't wait for when going away is the novelty rather than being together!

Alison said...

I have had the opposite situation this week!craig has been home and it has really thrown my life into turmoil!!i am so used to being here on my own that i had to keep reminding myself that I couldn't just do as I liked WHEN I liked!!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

When we were first married John used to work shifts and I always thought of afternoon shift week as me time and in his current job he travelled a lot for it so I was back to me time. With only 31 more working days until he retires there aren't any more times when he'll be away without me.

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