Monday, 30 June 2014

Project Life | Overview

Back in January, I posted a few thoughts on compiling Project Life for my family.
As we are now halfway through 2014, I feel it's time a little more reflection.
I plan to continue with a daily format, one week per double spread.
I'm currently using two albums a year: January - June, July - December.
Given that by the end of the year I will have seven albums (I began Project Life on 1 April, 2011, so that first album has 8 months worth of life recorded in it) on the shelf, I need to find a different way of documenting our lives.
Should I dispense with a separate "Year XX" album in favour of an album containing both Project Life pages and traditional scrapbook pages?
Should I move on to a monthly format, like Elise Blaha?
Should I stop?  That's not really an option.  I like Project Life.  A lot.
I recommend Project Life as a way to get started with scrapbooking when people ask me about it.
I gave my sister an oh-gosh-you-really-are-emigrating-aren't-you? gift of Project Life album, pages and journaling cards.  If there was ever a time to fully record what's going on in your life, then that's it.
Project Life has its place in modern memory keeping, absolutely.

Suggestions as to the way forward for me are welcome.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

A quick word to say thank-you for all the lovely comments here and on FB about the post relating to my sister emigrating.
As previously said, it's all good.
We're from a family who have been expats.
We chose the same career, where living overseas was part of the attraction.
We're not the only ones who now live thousands of miles apart.
Planning for a visit is already underway.
It's all good.

Saturday, 28 June 2014


We should have known.
It's Wimbledon.
It's Glastonbury weekend.
Of course it was going to rain.
And boy, did it rain.
We carried on regardless.
Having been to the local DIY store to purchase two gazebos.
Much to the amusement of all our overseas friends.
There were plenty of comments along the lines of, "How terribly British!"  
But you know what?  That British stiff upper lip prevailed and everyone had a good time.
The pooch in particular.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c'mon on in.
You must have heard me put the kettle on.
How are you?  Well, I trust?
A little sad today, if I'm being honest.
No, no, there's no real cause for sadness.  I'm just being silly.
Y'see, my sister and nephew emigrated today.  They've gone to join my brother-in-law in a new life a few thousand miles away from UK.
It's all good.  Really, it is.
I haven't lived with my sister since we were teenagers thirty years ago.  But somehow this move feels different.
On the other hand, however, think of the holidays we will have in the future!
Speaking of holidays, do you have plans for the summer?  Ours aren't finalised yet, but we are hoping to go on a European roadtrip.  How well you know me.  Of course I'm planning a scrapbook-on-the-road journal.
What was that?  Oh, Sports Day.  Yes, The Boy Child did very well and had a wonderful afternoon.
Do you want to see a photo of him almost jumping for joy?  It's not the best photo ever, but I thought I captured the spirit of him.
We're hosting a BBQ this weekend; a summer version of Afternoon Tea.  I have my fingers crossed that the weather will hold.  Are you a fan of BBQs?  Don't tell, but I actually think they can be over-rated ...
The Boy Child has just two weeks to the end of term and of Year 2.  Next week is the Summer Fayre and the last week sees the school's production of The Scottish Play and Speech Day.  Time is flying.
And speaking of flying, I need to get my skates on.
I have to buy plastic cutlery, specifically forks and there are Tombola prizes to drop off at school for the Summer Fayre.
Thanks so much for dropping by.  I'll call in at yours later today or over the weekend.
Maybe we can meet up again next month?

Today's post is sponsored by the lovely Abi of Creating Paper Dreams.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Zoom In | Zoom Out and Sports Day: Photo Heavy

 Zoom In | Zoom Out is Helena's idea and you can see more here.
The Boy Child had an amazing Sports Day.
He took 3rd place in the Egg and Spoon race.
He was unplaced in the 50m.
He helped his House win the team Over and Under game.
The sun shone all afternoon.
None of the children cried or had a tantrum when they didn't win.
One hundred and ninety one photos taken.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Right Now ...

I am stuck for ideas as to what to photograph for Zoom In | Zoom Out today.
I am sending links for tomato sauce thousands of miles.
I am signing up for Sian's new swap.  Brilliant idea, wish I'd thought of it myself.
I am thinking that I have invited too many people to a BBQ this weekend.
I am looking forward to visitors tomorrow evening.
I am feeling positive about the outcome of my meeting this morning with The Boy Child's Speech and Language Therapist.
I am realising that my headache is due to dehydration.  I haven't had a drink since 9am this morning.
I am looking forward to school Sports Day tomorrow.
I am enjoying Breaking Bad.  We've just started on Season 2.
I am glad that my watching England play football is over for another four years.
I am looking forward to finalising our holiday plans for the rest of this year.
I am looking forward to finding an hour or two for scrapbooking.  Cheaper than therapy.
I am ready for the end of term.

What are you thinking about, feeling, hoping for, struggling with, watching, listening to, celebrating right now?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Love Letter to Football

For all that I roll my eyes at the mention of football.
For all that I have to stifle a yawn at the mention of the FIFA World Cup.
For all that I have to feign interest in The Boy Child's FIFA World Cup sticker book.
For all of that ...
For football's common ground.
For football's inclusiveness.
For the lack of distinction between typical children and The Boy Child when discussing results and places in the group tables.
For all of that, football, I love you.

Monday, 23 June 2014


The Brainy One works for himself.
Which can be a mixed blessing, as his office is at the top of our house.
But occasionally, having him home mid-morning is ideal.
A yell from the garden where I have been hanging the washing up to his open office windows.
Tea for two and a plate of homemade scones.
An unexpected hour together at the garden table.
A lovely way to start the week.

My overseas friends tell me that elevenses is a peculiarly British thing, but one that they are happy to embrace.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Photography Scavenger Hunt

Two more items ticked off this weekend.
#12: A mascot.
"Pride", Team GB's mascot from the London Olympics in 2012.
#21: A photo of me with something that represents the season.
You can't get more summery than The Boy Child's factor 50 suncream.
How are you getting on with your list?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer Saturday | Photo Heavy

We spent the day up in Chelsea with our Chelsea Pensioner friend.
He's been a little under the weather and I wanted the opportunity to see how he was doing.
Not that I told him I was checking up on him, of course.
Lunch al fresco.
Walking in the grounds.
Meeting more Pensioners.
More football stickers.
Post lunch drinks.

How was your Saturday?

Friday, 20 June 2014

Five on Friday

1)  Baking yet more scones.  I've reached that stage where I feel confident enough to adapt Delia's recipe. 
2)  Summer reading.  An autobiography and the new Cormoran Strike novel by J. K. Rowling masquerading as Robert Galbraith.
3) Sunny afternoons and beautiful faces.  It's no exaggeration when I tell you that we all love these girls (and the middle sister who was off playing) very, very much.
4) Receiving Happy Mail.  Thanks, Deb!
5) Watching Breaking Bad, a gift for Father's Day.
How does your Friday look?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Three Lions on His Shirt

Here we are.
England have a few hours before they play their second group match of the FIFA World Cup.
They lost their first match to Italy, 2-1.
The Boy Child is a believer.
He is reading every piece of football news he can find, including the reports about next season.
For the first time ever, we have the Cross of St. George hanging off our garden shed.
 Did I mention that The Boy Child is a believer?
He checks all the overnight scores from each group and commits them to memory.
He knows who is playing whom, when and where.
I see a career as the football-stats-guy for the BBC.
He has completed the German team in his sticker book.  Heaven knows how much it will cost to try and complete the album.
Did I mention that The Boy Child is a believer?
Three lions on his shirt.
Eng-ur-land, Eng-ur-lund, Eng-ur-lund!

This post from June 2010 also mentions FIFA World Cup Football.
This post from May mentions The Boy Child's love of football.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Zoom In | Zoom Out

The Brainy One and I met with The Boy Child's teacher for Year 3 this afternoon, while TBC was at his after school club.
A smooth transition in September is the name of the game.
The Brainy One then surprised us with supper at Carluccio's.

Zoom In | Zoom Out is Helena's idea and you can see more here.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Reading Aloud

At school, I hated being called upon to read aloud in the class.
I still come out in a cold sweat at the memory of Miss M, the English teacher, rolling her eyes in exasperation at my reading aloud of Titania's line, "Who awakes me from my flowery bed?" from A Midsummer's Night's Dream.
Now, I love to read aloud to the Boy Child.
As does The Brainy One, who has a beautiful reading voice.
We are both agreed that what we read should both fire The Boy Child's imagination and stretch his reading ability.
None of us is really getting on with Worzel Gummidge.
Is it okay to stop mid-way through?
Next up, Kaspar by Michael Morpurgo.
What do/did you read aloud to your child/ren?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Photography Scavenger Hunt

This weekend saw me ticking off a few more from the list:
#5: A rack of postcards.
There's a kiosk outside Hyde Park Corner and its location is perfect for attracting tourists to buy tat memorabilia.  The Boy Child very kindly agreed to appear in the shot to give a sense of scale.  (He is 1.30m tall.)
#8: A tattoo on a person.
Our Danish friend let me photograph his arm and wondered why I declined his offer of swapping his t-shirt for a wife-beater vest ...
#14: A parade.
The Mounted Band of the Household Cavalry returning to Knightsbridge Barracks after Trooping the Colour.
Are you taking part in Rinda's annual Scavenger Hunt?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

It's Down to Interpretation

The definition of family is constantly evolving, and every person can define family in a different way to encompass the relationships he/she shares with people in his/her life.  As a genealogist, I believe that family in the traditional sense makes for a biological fact and not necessarily a relationship. 
And as I've grown older, I've come to realise that the people you can be closest to don't have to be related through DNA or marriage and you don't have to have known them for a lifetime.
We are blessed to be building a network of friends locally who are becoming so important to us, as well as maintaining those vital friendships of long-standing. 
Who do you have in your life that you think of as family?

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