Thursday, 31 July 2014

Be More | July

Goodbye, July, you were jubilant!
We continued in our endeavour to be more.
~ I had my first facetime conversation with my sister since she emigrated.

~ There was a super successful Summer Fayre at school.
~ There was a FIFA World Cup sticker swap with a big boy.
~ There was a brilliant performance of the Scottish Play.
~ There was the most wonderful surprise of hard work being rewarded at Speech Day.
~ There was the start of the summer holidays; of days out and a week with Granny.
And oh, so much more.
July has whizzed by.
Hello, August and all that you can offer.

Do you have a word of phrase for 2014 that you want to keep at the forefront of your mind during your daily life?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Zoom In | Zoom Out at Kew Gardens

I have no idea why someone would wrap a tree trunk in crochet, but the end result looks pretty cool.
Zoom In | Zoom Out is Helena's idea and you can see more here.
Kew Gardens in the summertime is the most perfect place for children.
Acres of green space to run around.
No traffic to worry about.
What I didn't factor in was how much the three biggies would moan.
"Are we there?"  Where, exactly?  You're already in the middle of 300 acres.
"Is it snack time?"
"Is it lunch time?"
"I'm tired!"
"Can we have ice cream?"
But in a way, it was comforting to have it confirmed that constant whining on an outing is not restricted to children with Autism.
Typical children do it too.
And deep down, I knew that.  

Summer 500: 384.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Avenue of Expression

The other evening, instead of reading when I went to bed, I listened to a podcast between Elise Blaha Cripe and Cathy Zielske.  Cathy used the phrase avenue of expression to describe best how she used her blog to reach her readers and by association, her potential customers.
Today, I am expressionless.
It happens.

Summer 500: 389.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Hats Off

The Boy Child looks good in a hat.
I like him to wear a hat in the summer months.
Essential when you consider that he can't stand sunscreen on his face and ears.
Last summer, with two weeks in Florida on the horizon, I bought him a new hat.
It made its debut on a visit to see Grandad P.
It was worn constantly in Florida.
It came out again in late Spring.
Where it was also worn indoors.
Until that fateful day.
When it was left on an inter-city train.
Never to be seen again.
Good job I bought two of them.
Summer 500: 390.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c'mon in.
Let's go straight through to the garden.  It's lovely out there this time of day.
Would you like a cuppa or perhaps a Pimm's, given that it is summer time?
How have you been?  Things here are getting back to normal, now that The Boy Child has returned from his stay with Granny.  You might have seen my post about how much fun he had.  Did you stay with family members during school holidays when you were young?
Are you going away on holiday this summer?  We are, but we broke our original idea down into three short trips and I am looking forward to the first one beginning at the end of this coming week.  Of course I have a mini scrapbook planned; how well you know me!  Tell me, do you prefer the beach kind of holiday or are you happiest in a city?
How about that tea now?  Or can I persuade you to another Pimm's?  I'm sorry that there isn't much in the way of treats to offer you; both The Brainy One and I are attempting to cut back on the amount of snacking we do.  And the easiest way to do that, I find, is not to buy or bake the treats in the first place.
What was that?  How are my sister and family doing?  They're doing really well, I think, although I'm sure they will feel much more settled once they have found a house of their own and move out of company housing.  I've never been more grateful for social media, the invention of Facetime (despite the awkward time difference) and the Royal Mail!  Did I tell you that we have sent them their first Red Cross parcel in the form of chocolate?
Predominantly of the Cadbury's kind.
Let me see if I can stretch the tea to a top-up.  It's funny how we continue to drink piping hot tea in the middle of summer, isn't it?  I did read somewhere that tea and coffee are actually more refreshing that cold drinks, but I have no idea if that claim is true or not.
The Boy Child is none too keen on my insistence to make the most of this weather by being outdoors as much as possible.  When he was younger, he would walk a mile or two without a hint of a moan or whinge.  These days, he's moaning within 10 minutes of setting off.  Does that come with age, do you think?  I'm pretty sure it's not a trait specific to autism.  
I can hear the boys at the gate.  They've been to The Boy Child's last swimming lesson of the term and I'm pretty sure he'll be brandishing another cloth badge and certificate.
There's no need for you to go; we're having a BBQ supper and I'm sure I can find you a burger or two.  No?  Ah, well, maybe another time.
Same time next month?

This post has been brought to you by Abi's invitation to share a cuppa.
Summer 500: 391

Saturday, 26 July 2014

It's Not the Leaving ...

... that grieves me, but my darling, when I think of you.
~ The Leaving of Liverpool by The Dubliners
I staged a mini photoshoot on the station concourse this morning.  It seemed the thing to do, given that the station provided a prop.
It didn't take long, however, for The Boy Child to call a halt to the proceedings.

Summer 500: 393.

Friday, 25 July 2014

What He Did

It would appear that The Boy Child has had a wonderful time staying with Granny.
He got to go to the beach and hang out with the delightful Miss I.
There was also a visit to a water park, which the two of them absolutely loved.  Sadly, photography was not allowed. 

Little Miss I. is the grand daughter of my mum's best friend and she adores him. Naturally.
There was an outing on the river with Great Uncle B.
There was a visit to the City to learn some more about our Nation's history and to the museum to see all things Egyptian.

There was time for tennis and for relaxation.

All told, it's easy to see that he had a blast.
Summer 500: 397.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Sculpture | Photo Heavy

Another gorgeous day in London and another day for being outside.
The City of London, just like last year, is hosting Sculpture in the City.
Last year, we visited over the weekend when the City is quiet.  Today, I was astonished at how many people were eating and/or drinking al fresco on the terraces outside office buildings in the middle of the afternoon.  It has hard to imagine much work actually being done.
Secret Affair (Silver) by Jim Lambie
Stairs by Lynn Chadwick
Deadly Nightshade by Julian Wild
Flow: Edge: Flux: Within: Fall by Paul Hosking
Salvia by Julian Wild
Shapes in the Clouds I, IV, V by Peter Randall-Page
Box Sized DIE featuring Unfathomable Ruination by Joao Onofre
This piece seriously annoyed me.  It seems that each evening a band called Unfathomable Ruination (no, me neither) climb into the box to play until the air inside runs out or they pass out, leaving the "audience" to sense or feel vibrations.  Pur-leese. This is not art.
Work Scaffolding Sculpture by Ben Long
It appears that we were looking at this from the wrong angle.  Looked at the correct way, it spells work. Doh. 
High Wind IV by Lynn Chadwick
Southern Shade I; Southern Shade V by Nigel Hall
Kiss by Nigel Hall 
False Ceiling by Richard Wentworth
This was by far the piece that we liked best and Leadenhall Market was a perfect setting for it.
Time here becomes Space, Space here becomes Time by Cerith Wyn Evans
 Parallel Field by Anthony Gormley
This was the only piece that was still in place from last year.  You can find it on St. Mary Axe until October of this year. 
I'm still not really one for modern art; I do like art to have a point.  Having said that, we enjoyed an hour looking for and looking at these pieces.  
Modern art.  Does it do it for you?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Weekday Walks: Soho | Zoom In: Zoom Out

Scroll down for Zoom In | Zoom Out.  I promise that you won't be disappointed.
My original plan for today was to visit the Imperial War Museum and their new Great War Galleries. However, with the weather forecast to be in the high 20s (centigrade) again, we settled on a Track the Plaque walk around Soho.  It's a great outing for just the two of us, as The Boy Child usually claims he is bored within 10 minutes of setting out to discover hidden parts of London.    

We also learned a few things.
For example, in this rather nondescript building, John Logie Baird demonstrated television for the first time in 1926.   
Trotting around the streets of Soho is thirsty work.
Rather unexpectedly, I came across the perfect Zoom In | Zoom Out for this week.
And I'm showing the Zoom Out first.
Because this is the Zoom In.
Investigation into this address, 7, Meard Street, found that the artist Sebastian Horsley lived here until his death in 2010 and his writing often revolved around his dysfunctional family, his drug addictions, sex, and his reliance on prostitutes.  French and Italian tourists often photograph the street sign due to the pun with the French merde and the Italian merda.  The street is actually named after John Meard, who developed the area in the 1720s and 1730s.
Zoom In | Zoom Out is Helena's idea and you can see more here.
Summer 500: 423.

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