Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pocket Scrapping | School Days

I've had a 6x8 album for a while now, but haven't done anything with it.
Using a few packs of Simple Stories page protectors and some Project Life cards, I'm beginning to turn it into a school album for The Boy Child.
Referring back to this blog and our Project Life albums, I've a pretty good idea of how The Boy Child's school years have gone in detail.
Like when he came out of school that very first day and exclaimed, "It was brilliant and I had sausages for lunch!"
Like the times he was nervous about performing in front of a room full of parents.
Like the relationships he had with his then Headmaster and friends.
Like how cheeky he looked when he started Year 1.
 Like the time I went into school to take photos for the PTA calendar.
The good thing is that this is a quick-fix kind of album.  He has his traditional albums fulls of 12x12 pages recording every stage of his life, but this is somehow much more tactile.
Words + photos = scrapbooking.
I love it.


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I love this too, Ruth. What a great way to preserve memories of his school years in a quick and easy manner. He will treasure these one day!

scrappyjacky said...

Such a good way to record it all,Ruth.

Sian said...

The school albums I have made are by far and away the most popular scrapbooks here. Definitely worth doing! Wish I had one myself.

Ladkyis said...

You can never have too many albums. It doesn't matter what size they are each one will hold different memories for you and for him, and they will be there long after you are all gone... wonderful

alexa said...

Brilliant! Recording their story is so important - as someone who has so little information about her childhood, it will be wonderful for him.

Missus Wookie said...

what a lovely idea - and the 6x8 is a good size to pull down and peruse through, especially with other small friends.

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