Sunday, 2 November 2014

Here is the News

We were down at Greenwich again this afternoon to meet up with friends and we were early.
We decided to take a look see at what went on in the O2 when there wasn't a gig on.
We found Sky TV and were invited to have a go at reading the news.
You know how it looks easy on the 6 O'Clock News?
I fluffed my opening line.  No kidding.
The Boy Child did better than me because he only fluffed the words he didn't know when reading the Autocue.
Great fun!


Becky said...

Just watched you on Facevook - absolutely wonderful!

Alison said...

I watched it too....what a team!
Alison xx

Ladkyis said...

now I want to watch it too but I don't know how to find it!!

Sian said...

Great fun indeed!

I saw the post title first and thought - hey that's good, simple and effective - and then I realised you really meant it and I was laughing at myself

Lizzie said...

What fun! I wouldn't mind a go myself. I don't suppose it is as easy as it looks - at least you had a go!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun - you always find the neatest things to do with TBC.

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