Friday, 19 December 2014

Awesome Atlanta

We were fortunate to be able to break our journey to Texas with a two night stay with friends in Atlanta.  It's not a city I knew much about, but I now know that it has a lot of charm and much to offer.
Such as the world's largest Aquarium (although I think China may be about to surpass that).
And Coca-Cola World, which turned out to be far more interesting
 than I had ever dreamed it would be.
It's also a city of charming people and Southern hospitality.  
I hope to be back.


Ladkyis said...

and Stone Mountain, you have to see Stone Mountain! The biggest single lump of granite in the northern hemisphere. We went on the train around the base of it - a five mile journey - Mr M went up to the top i the cable car. I stayed at the bottom with my friend as there was no way I was getting into a box dangling on some strings. We spent the day in Stone Mountain park, a fantastic place - oooh, oooh they have a lake with a paddle steamer too!

Sian said...

One very envious girl here..I've just showed her the Coke bottles picture :)

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