Friday, 12 December 2014

December Daily | 2014: 10th and 11th

Keep it simple.
That's the key.
10th: an entry about why we don't have a tree this year.
The tree ribbon, washi tape, felt tree and sequins are all from The Store of Utter Gorgeousness.  I simply stapled the ribbon into place.  The lower pocket I filled with sequins (taken from filled Christmas tags) and a tree topper (which was also stapled into place).  Washi tape sealed the pocket. 
11th: the afternoon we visited Santa and took friends with us.
When Santa asked the children if they had been good all year, the girls all replied "yes" and The Boy Child replied "mostly"!  Santa thanked him for his honesty.
I was so proud of him!
Here's to hoping for a few more years of Santa visiting.
December Daily.
My favourite project of the year.


Liz said...

Mostly is better than No!! xx

Unknown said...

Always best to give an honest answer!

Anonymous said...

My grandson answered Santa's question with 'Not all the time'.
Santa, bless him, replied 'Well no-one can be good all of the time'. I liked it that Santa responded so positively and loved my
grandson all the more for his honesty.
Bless your boy too!

Sian said...

Little E is off to see Santa this afternoon, after being a good boy at TSO's fundraiser this morning. Me? I think I'm in the "mostly" camp too. Good answer

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