Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December Daily | 2014: 14th & 15th

Keep it simple.
That's the key.
The 14th: to friends for a huge gingerbread house decorating party.  I used a 5x5 with a flap page protector for a photo of The Boy Child with his house and a few notes.
 I placed some of the Christmas cards we sent out in the back of the page protector.
 The 15th: into town to keep The Boy Child occupied for most of the day.  Home to ironing, packing and an over-excited son.
This is probably the simplest entry so far, but it works for me.
December Daily.
My favourite project of the year.


alexa said...

This is looking just lovely. And I admire your keeping up with it. What a nice idea to include some of the cards you're sending! I think I will do this too :). Thank-you for the suggestion!

Margaret J said...

Time now to hopefully relax a little and slow the pace.

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