Thursday, 4 December 2014

December Daily | 2014: 2nd and 3rd

Keep it simple, that's the key.
Not much Christmassy stuff happened on the 2nd.  I decided to use the bauble shot to illustrate the day.
Pretty chuffed with how that shot turned out.
 On the 3rd, I spent the morning with a friend drinking tea and chatting.  I also worked out the logistics of taking The Boy Child into the West End after school later this week to see the Christmas lights on Oxford and Regent Streets.  
 I made a fun calendar to record most of what we'll be doing this month. 
I'm still not great at stamping.
See that button?  Bit of a clue ... that's the day we fly to the States. 
I stuck a photo of me posting Christmas cards on the reverse. 
 I'm making an effort to take photos on my phone when I'm somewhere busy and the dSLR is too cumbersome to whip out of my bag. 
December Daily.
My favourite project of the year.


Kirsty.A said...

I like how you're doing it this year. I've yet to find time to post mine (cards or DD blog!)

Bernii Miller said...

Loving what you have done so far!!

Margaret J said...

Looks interesting

Mel said...

Wow love it so far Ruth and that calendar idea is great - may have to borrow that idea!

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