Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Christmas Wrapped Up

I'm not one to let Christmas trees and decorations go much past the New Year.
My sister packs Christmas away on 1 January.
Christmas in 2014 was a little different to the norm.
No tree and just a few bits here and there, mainly in the living room.
And I found myself wrapping up Christmas this afternoon.
We did, however, return from Texas with new decorations.
 Rudolph actually has a flashing nose (which comes with an off switch). 
 Couldn't resist this one.
 This wooden State of Texas started life as a fridge magnet.  I peeled off the magnets and added ribbon.  
And the family Christmas Fairy made it to Texas to grace the tree.
Do you add to your Christmas decorations?


Rhona said...

I also packed away Christmas today. I have added a few ornaments this year (and last :) )

Alison said...

Do You know, I was just wondering today if you had succumbed to any Christmas ornaments while you were away!!....I add to mine every year, but most especially when I visit the U.S.! Xx

Sian said...

I love that NASA one. Yes, we try ro buy something from wherever we have been in the summer. This year we have a Disney castle

alexa said...

These are going to bring back some great memories when you open up the box to decorate your tree next Christmas ...