Sunday, 4 January 2015

Eighteen Days

And so it ends.
Eighteen days in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.
Eighteen days of love and laughter.
Eighteen days of just hanging out.
Eighteen days of shared in-jokes.
Eighteen days of finishing each other's sentences.
Eighteen days.
It's never enough. 


Unknown said...

That's what sisters do!

humel said...

No, never enough - but you packed so much in, and it's been great to follow along :)

Liz said...

Never enough time for everything we want to do but it's only 8 months till you come back :0)
Love you all lots xxx

Rhona said...

I know what that feels like, there's never enough time on these holidays. Glad you had as much fun as you did and you've got the next visit to look forward to. Safe trip back.

Sian said...

No, never enough. Uncle Dave was here for just over a week and he had to go back for work on New Years Day of all days!

Hope you have a good return trip

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