Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Birthday Party That Wasn't

The Boy Child decided that he didn't want a birthday party this year.
I simply invited a few friends and family round for tea and cake this afternoon .
Unfortunately, Grandad P has been poorly and wasn't up to the trip across town, so we nipped up to visit him this morning instead.
 Always a pleasure.
We took him cake.
 There was more cake later on in the day.
  The kids played together nicely.
Things got a bit silly when The Godfather got involved.
But Granny calmed things down with story time.
 And smiles were just about still visible at going home time.

It's only now, as I type this post, that I've realised we were actively living our One Little Word today.  It would have been easy to think, it's a shame Grandad P isn't here and move on.
But we didn't and we did something about his absence.
And that makes me happy.


Sandie said...

It looks like it was a fun day and it's good that Granddad P was included.

Sian said...

There's definitely a bit of a transition made in birthday parties round about that age. I can remember that deciding to have friends round instead thing. The cake looks delicious - I'm glad you were able to share it

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Birthday to the Boy Child, and here is hoping that Grandad P will be much, much better soon. You were a sweetie to drop by and make his day. Glad all went well according to Plan B. Sometimes the best memories are made when plans go awry.


Sheila :-)

alexa said...

Grandpa P must really have appreciated your time and care and attention - and the chance to see that young smiling face. A good time was had by all, clearly!

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