Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Desk Drawer

It sits like that for months.
And I take no notice.
Then, out of the blue, it annoys me.
Seriously annoys me.
 I then set to like a mad woman
and empty it out onto the floor.
And attempt to sort the stuff of piles of semi-organised chaos.
Some of the stuff on the carpet?
 The two beads which were stuck up The Boy Child's nose in December, 2009.
Which required a visit to A&E and a note left for The Brainy One.
 Coin bags of assorted foreign currency and a Gibraltarian £5 note.
 A lot of stationery items I'd forgotten about. 
 Photos of our nephews.  Those cheeky looking twins will be 33 this year.  
The framed photo of the Texan Nephew has been upgraded to a more formal one.
 Two sterile bags containing a wisdom tooth in each.
My wisdom teeth.  Extracted in 2004. 
A favourite quote from the TV series Ally McBeal
I cut it from an Ally McBeal calendar at the end of 2000.

What's lurking in your desk drawer?


Alison said...

There's definitely assorted foreign coins, stationary items and photographs...along with a plethora of other useless bits and pieces! X

Liz said...

I have several drawers like that but I just try to ignore them!!

Abi said...

I had to giggle at the two beads in a tube. I'm glad you kept them! My drawers tend to get emptied each year as I leave university halls. The plethora of useless items is amazing. I can accumulate a lot in a year it seems!

Karen said...

I too have a drawer like yours but my one contains all sorts of rubbish that I need to get sorted. I wouldn't dare to show its contents.

Becky said...

I tidied my desk drawer only last week as we were clearing the lounge for the decorator. Found letters from friends going back 15 years and then of course had to stop and read them all!

Sian said...

Yep, we have teeth in ours too! The first ones the tooth fairy collected. Plus a lot of other mad stuff I really need to sort out. You never know when you might need a collection of old cracker jokes, though

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