Monday, 30 March 2015

Adding Colour

When it comes to decorating with colour, I'm not very brave.
Our home is painted in shades of cream or yellow,
 with a hint of Rose White in our bedroom and my office. 
Of late, however, with a new bathroom looming (due its own post on completion),
 I decided to look at adding colour to the bedrooms without breaking the bank.
Our bedding has always been more functional than stylish.
Not any more.
I've gone for spots, stripes, checks, splodge patterns and floral.
And mixed and matched, regardless of any colour clash.
On The Boy Child's bed: 
 Splodge pattern with stripes and checks.

 The pillows are actually just for show, because The Boy Child prefers to lie flat.
On our bed:
 Spots, stripes and floral.

 The Brainy One doesn't mind what his bedding looks like,
 as long as it has a large percentage of cotton in it.
He'd like 100% bedding, but who wouldn't?
The final pop of colour?  New light shades.
In The Boy Child's room:
 Blue and red to go with the red curtains and the Union Jack bunting.
 In our room: 
 Pretty, without being overly feminine.
All bedding and shades were purchased here.
Note: this is not a sponsored post, just my own likes and opinions.


joy said...

I really, really love this post, and most especially I love the lampshade in your room.
Joy x x

debs14 said...

I especially like the bedding you've chosen for your own room. I was chatting to the owner of a local interiors shop recently and she told me every room must have a pop of colour! No total neutrals!

alexa said...

Wow, your bedroom looks like a magazine feature - and what lovely fabrics you've chosen. They will be all the more visible against your lovely neutral shades.

Maria Ontiveros said...

WE've only become bold about colors on our walls within the last few years.
We love it.

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