Saturday, 28 March 2015

Memories of TV

I'm busy collating memories for the ongoing online class, The History Project.
I had seriously underestimated the amount of writing involved!
One fun topic has been the television shows of my youth:
Dallas: Mum and I watched this on Tuesday evening, just the two of us,
as everyone else was out at various activites 
MASH: my dad's favourite and we were allowed to watch
 if we kept quiet for the duration of the program. 
To the Manor Born.
Multicoloured Swap Shop: A Saturday morning favourite for millions of kids across the UK.
Blue Peter: A staple of British TV and ahead of its time
(with John Noakes, Peter Purves and Lesley Judd).
Top of the Pops: obvious miming from the performers
and dodgy dancing from the teenagers in the audience. 
Fame: because we all burst into song in the middle of a lesson at school. 
The Kenny Everett TV Show.

I'm sure more will come to mind.
Which TV shows were childhood favourites for you?
Random fact: all my TV viewing as a youngster was in black & white.
  My parents didn't acquire a colour television until long after I'd left home. 


helena said...

what a great question - yes to all on your list plus Crackerjack, The professionals, Dukes of Hazard, Starsky and Hutch, Upstairs Downstairs

alexa said...

Yes, I remember doctor who, crackerjack, the magic roundabout, and the lunch time ones: bill and Ben, andy pandy, the wooden tops ... Happy days and great project!

Ladkyis said...

all the programmes you named I have heard of and I vaguely remember I may have watched some - oh Top of the Pops was a staple of my teen years in the 1960s but I was never one to sit and watch TV. If it was daylight then I was outside with the horses and if it was dark I would be inside sewing or writing - my school gave us a minimum of two hours homework a night and when that was done and the animals shut up for the night I usually went to bed as a 6am start was required to milk the goats

Sian said...

We got a colour tv for the Jubilee.

I remember all of these with great affection. The ones I watched as a teenager - Dallas, Waltons, Angels - remind me of my Mum and me watching together in the evenings in the first years after my Dad died, when the younger ones had gone to bed

Kirsty.A said...

I remember all of these. Also Grange Hill and later Tucker's Luck

Kirsty.A said...

Oh and the talking car Knight Rider? You've got me thinking now!

Liz said...

You missed out an all time favourite. One that had Dad running to the TV rental place to replace the broken portable before the next episode - Tenko!!

debs14 said...

As a very young child I loved the Wooden Tops, then Blue Peter and Dr Who, HR Pufnstuf (I loved Jack Wild!) when I was older I loved Dallas and The Waltons, The Good Life ... Oh what memories this post has brought!

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