Saturday, 14 March 2015

Scrapbook Saturday

I've heard some female friends lament the amount of time
 their husbands/partners and children spend 
at the footie on a Saturday afternoon.  
Not me.  Oh, no.
In fact, it's all I can do to stop myself from doing a quick happy dance.
Around four hours of daylight to myself during the weekend?
Bring. It. On.
I have no problems with filling the time...
 Two pages for our Texas album.
With foam pads to add definition.
 And plenty of layering to use up off-cuts of patterned paper.
 An ultra simple design for a boy page.
The Boy Child was heavily supervised during this activity. 
 I'm from a military family.  We are used to handling firearms.
And we were in Texas ... where even your elderly Granny has a shotgun for home defense.


alexa said...

Glad to know about the supervision - just the sight of guns makes me very uneasy. Unlike your lovely layouts! That's a great design for your boots photo - both the boots and your page are a work of art.

Melissa said...

Great Texas pages!

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