Friday, 6 March 2015

World Book Day

The Boy Child's school marks World Book Day
 after the majority of other schools, because it always holds
dressing up events on a Friday.
I give you Charlie Bucket.
In trousers and shirt that are too small.
In trousers that were patched lovingly by Granny.
And let's not forget the amazing chocolate bar.
Not a prize winning costume, but one that made The Boy Child happy.

You can see 2013's WBD here.
You can see 2014's WBD here.


Sian said...

I bet he had a lot of interest in that chocolate bar! He makes a fantastic Charlie

Ladkyis said...

OH Brilliant!!! Miss Boo went as Stella from The Awful Aunty by David Walliams. She loves reading his books because they are a little bit rude - she says and they make her laugh and laugh. She said there were three people as the girl from Frozen then she looked at me and said "That's a book written for the film though and I bet they haven't read it just watched it" When did she get to be so wise?

Melissa said...

Great costume & chocolate bar! How FUN!

alexa said...

Fantastic! I love that yellow patch. As for the chocolate ... was there any left? He looks great!

Annesphamily said...

A terrific idea and reading books are my favorite passion. Love the photos, that chocolate bar and the patch! Priceless photo.

Alison said...

Great long as he was happy it's all good! Xx

Becky said...

He is a great Charlie :)

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