Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Month in Numbers | March 2015

We have, from top left:
4: the number of return flights booked to Houston.  Three for us and one for mum.
24: the number of days we will be in the USA in August.
0: the number of Air Miles left.
172: the number of photos I took at the Spring Concert.
9: the number of Mother's day cards I sent.  One to mum, one mum on my sister's behalf, one to my sister's MiL on her behalf, one to my sister (from the Boy Child), one to my SiL, one to Cachirulo's mummy, one each to two friends and one to mum from The Boy Child.  I deserve a gold star for all the planning and organisation. 
 9: the number of days tradesmen worked on the new bathroom.
23: the number of Easter goodie bags.
88: the highest weekly test score in %.
18: the number of times I walked the pooch.
26: the total number of pints of blood I have donated and the amount spent in pounds sterling on chocolate for the Easter goodie bags going into school.
155: the number of photos I took at the Spring Concert that made it onto the CD I gave to school.
6: the number of train journeys booked for travel in the Easter holidays.
4.50: the amount won in pounds sterling in a Euromillions draw ~ 13,21 and lucky star 8
 Winning the Euromillions won't change me!
104: the amount spent in pounds on 3 pairs of glasses.  Two for every day and one pair of sunglasses. 38.30: the amount covered by the NHS voucher for kids' glasses.  

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Sian said...

That sounds like a Mothers Day record!

Melissa said...

What a great look at your month! You'll be in my home state - I'm in the Dallas area, let me know if y'all are coming this way!

Julie Kirk said...

Thank you for joining me and linking up Ruth, you're pinned to the community board now:

Did you hear yesterday about the couple who won the EuroMillions *twice*? Although .. you 'say' you only won £4.50 .. but maybe that's just a bluff ... ;-)

I wonder if it was satisfying to use up all the air miles? [Because you put them to good use] Or is it just frustrating to start again?!

And you're certainly one very organised lady ... all those lovely travel plans in place and all that amateur postie activity!

Wishing you a wonderful Easter break - I hope it's sunny and delightful!

Julie :-)

alexa said...

A lovely bright page with lots of intriguing bits and pieces. I like your Venn diagram!

alexa said...

A lovely bright page with lots of intriguing bits and pieces. I like your Venn diagram!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your layout and your journaling this month.

Claire said...

Fantastic numbers there, and I love the colourful scrapbook page.

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