Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Technology and Travel

When you travel, do you switch off your phone and iPad?
Or do you use them to update Facebook as you are travelling
I'm in two minds.
The Boy Child is anxious to plug himself in as soon as he is in his seat.
Yesterday, however, I made him wait until we were more than two-thirds of the way to Granny's.
He had two magazines to peruse (one on football and one on aviation).
He also had to read aloud from his school reading book (Huckleberry Finn). 
I used the iPad Mini to post three words on Facebook: is almost there.
 On the return journey, I watched Sunday's episode of Indian Summers
which I had downloaded onto my iPad Mini on Monday night.
Without adverts, it ran for a little over 40 minutes.  
I then read The Girl on the Train right up until my own train pulled into its destination.
I carried on reading it on the Tube journey home.
I was the only person in my carriage with an actual real-life book in their hands.
So, technology and travel ... yes, no, sometimes, maybe?


Karen said...

I would say yes to technology and travel. In February I was so grateful to have an audio book on my tablet when I had to stand for 3 hours on a train from Newcastle and yesterday when we drove to London Gracia wrote up notes from powerpoint presentations she had downloaded to my tablet - 'Can't waste the time we are in the car Mum?' So for us technology travel is a must.

alexa said...

I think I am in at least two minds about this! I don't use technology to keep in touch via email or social media when I travel; but I do enjoy the ipad because it can hold magazines and books via the Kindle, and music and the odd downloaded TV programme. But also, I enjoy looking out of the window, seeing what's around me, and having some thinking/drifting time.

Ladkyis said...

I always find it difficult to do anything except look out the window when I am on a train. When we are in the car I has camera..... My collection of photos of hedges grows apace ... I also have Mr M in the car and we talk. We took some friends with us somewhere and at the end of the journey one of them said "You two seem to talk an awful lot, don't you run out of things to say?" We looked at each other in amazement, run out of things to say? not possible.

Sian said...

I never look at technology when I travel. In fact I've been known to leave it all behind when I go on holiday - phone, laptop, the lot. There is nothing nicer than a couple of shiny new magazines just for a trip

Abi said...

I'd say a bit of both. My train journey to Durham is five hours so I like to have a range of things to do. I read for quite a lot of the journey, but have brought some sewing before, I normally have an episode of something downloaded onto my laptop and sometimes do some work on my computer too!

debs14 said...

A little bit of both for me! I do like just sitting and looking at the countryside for a while, it's lovely to see the scenes change as you move through the different counties.

Alison said...

A bit of both for me my travelling usually involves flying for just over three hours I do need something to keep me occupied...sometimes it's an actual book, other times it's a book or Sudoku on the IPad xx

Cate Brickell said...

Sometimes. I get car sick, so just look out the window if I'm not driving. On short trips (less than 3 hours) we don't let the kids have technology, but when we had a 12hr drive to my sisters wedding last year, we allowed it in small bursts of about an hour at a time. It worked well, and they were happy with the changing scenery the rest of the time.

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