Saturday, 18 April 2015

Twenty Four

I was supposed to have travelled with The Boy Child to York yesterday for an overnight stay.
After a particularly trying Thursday evening, I asked The Brainy One if he could go in my place.
I wasn't expecting him to say yes.
But he did.
 Which left me with a window of 24 hours.
With nothing planned.
What luxury!
I spent last evening on the sofa, with my feet up and, 
as the evening wore on, under the blanket.
I had several large mugs of tea, too many peanut M&M's
 and several episodes of House of Cards.  
Rock 'n' roll, I tell you, rock 'n' roll.
This morning, while The Boy Child was enjoying breakfast in an hotel, 
I was in the park with the pooch.
At the time of writing, the boys are due home any time now ...
 and that has been the sum total of my day.
  Walking the dog in the park.
I'm not counting the two loads of laundry, the visit to the supermarket 
or the conversation with the plumber. 
 Those things can happen on any given day.
Twenty four hours and I spent them mostly on House of Cards.  
Or on sleep.
I can't decide if I've wasted those twenty four hours or not.


alexa said...

Not, I'd say :). Sounds as if you needed a well-deserved rest, and took it. I am in the process of writing up my own mini-break from caring, and have had similar thoughts :).

Ladkyis said...

ask yourself if you enjoyed it. If the answer is yes then it was not a waste of time. If the answer is no then it was a lesson in what not to do and was not a waste of time ... see how I did that? I'm good at this

Jane said...

House of Cards is never a waste of time!

Ali said...

Sometimes you just need a day like that, helps recharge the batteries. My son got season 1 of house of cards and we are a tad addicted lol I'm loving Kevin Spaceys pieces to camera and at the risk of sounding a bit thick the politics can get a bit confusing or is it all the double crossing lol xxx Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

Abi said...

Not wasted at all! It sounds as if that's just what you needed!

Annesphamily said...

Sometime we just need a break from our daily lives. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Alison said...

Not at all wasted...just much needed! Xx

Anonymous said...

House of Cards, peanut M and M's - never a waste of time!

Sian said...

Definitely not a waste. You probably won't really feel the benefit until the boys get back..then you'll know you've had a rest!

Liz said...

You weren't wasting them, you were re-charging your batteries. Everyone know that can take 24 hours!! Hope you feel more relaxed now and that the boys had a good time :0) xxx

Missus Wookie said...

Getting a rest is always a good idea, glad that the Brainy One got to go to York.

Becky said...

Definitely not a waste. There are times when you need a little time to yourself to recharge and get ready to look forward again.

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